Alex Ovechkin gets checked head first into the boards by Gregory Campbell

Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images.

In the dwindling minutes of tonight’s game with the Boston Bruins, Gregory Campbell ran Alex Ovechkin headfirst into the boards. As Bruce Boudreau said in the post game press conference, “if [Ovi] doesn’t duck his head, he could have been seriously hurt.”

Alex was thankfully uninjured on the play. His response was characteristic and appropriate: fury.


First, observe Alex Ovechkin deliver a dainty, two-handed axe swing.


Next, Ovi commences the flirtation.


Perhaps Johnny Boychuk wants a spot on the dance card?

For their trouble, Campbell recieved a two-minute penalty for boarding and Ovechkin a two-minute penalty for slashing. No additional discipline is expected.

  • Gee, I don’t suppose we’ll be hearing a great uproar from Don Cherry and his ilk about what a horrible dirty player Gregory Campbell is for that kind of hit (in a preseason game no less, I’m surprised GMGM didn’t deck the Bruins GM like he did with Chicago’s a few years back). I guess as long as you’re not rocking the red, it’s just clean hard hockey, eh?

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  • BobbyG

    I was watching the game via live streaming on the Caps website, and I cringed as I saw Campbell send Ovie headfirst into the boards. I don’t blame Ovie for his retaliatory slash on Campbell. I agree with Threewireguy and Live in Red–I won’t hold my breath waiting for Don Cherry and the Canadian press posse to say something about Campbell being a reckless dirty player. The type of play by Campbell is totally unnecessary, especially in a meaningless pre-season game. Am I paranoid to suspect there will be headhunting against Ovie this season, that the first pre-emptive strike has been made? The Caps need a healthy Ovie and their opponents know it. When and how often will opposing players take runs and some extracurricular action against the Great 8? We’ll find out soon enough.

  • barb

    you could hear the arena hold its breath when ovie went into the boards last night. then when he got back up all angry and looking for a butt to kick, the cheering started again.

    someone takes ovie down, the refs are like “oh, naughty boy, two minutes. wink wink.” if someone puts sidney crosby into the boards head-first that way, don cherry will be the first in line, leading the charge for decapitation of the responsible party.

  • Not to mention Gregory Campbell is the son of Colin……..

  • CDizz

    If only King was on the ice when this happened…Campbell would’ve been carted off the ice.

  • GS

    And that is why I’m glad DJ King is on the team. Besides being able to play reasonably, he showed people tonight that he’s more than capable of laying down the law.

  • For a preseason game it was pretty awesome overall. I was annoyed that after that hit against Ovie he also got sent to the box. But in general I think there is some league bias against Ovie. I did love that Ovie laid a solid hit on Boychuk on his second shift of the game. After the 2nd suspension last year, Ovie’s play became more tentative and less physical in my opinion, and it felt like Ovie laid that hit to say, “The past is the past, I’m back bitches!” The crowd went nuts.

    Anyone notice Semin had an “A” on his jersey? That’s odd.


    “A” for AWESOME! Nice to see him get a goal!

  • Cookie Monster


    The “A” was given to the longest tenured Caps: B. Gordon and Sasha.

  • Also, the “As” and the “C” (when Ovi is not on the ice) are being passed around during pre-season.

    I would expect to see B. Gordon keep his, unless Backstrom gets it; the other will likely go to Knuble during the regular season…

  • Tim

    Campbell paid for that today. He fought Hendricks right at the opening faceoff and got pummelled.

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  • Tim

    His dad’s the genius who couldn’t figure out how to win with a stacked Rangers team that included Leetch, Richter, Kovalev and Messier, among others. And then he helped run Kovalev out of town. It appears Campbell’s an even bigger jerk than his father.

  • jeff

    You guys are too funny getting all worked up when Chokevechkin takes a cheap shot, I mean given that Chokevechkin likes to dish the cheap out on a regular basis. You guys should try crying. It gets all the emotion out and then you can move on.