Defending Mike Green’s Fight Against Ilya Kovalchuk

Pat Sajak Looks on as Ilya Kovalchuk and Mike Green Fight

An unimpressed Pat Sajak looks on as Ilya Kovlachuk & Mike Green fight. (Photo credit: Heather Mabb)

Now look, last night we took a few shots (a har har) at Mike Green for fighting Ilya Kovalchuk. See here, here, and here. But really it was all in good fun, and we were reacting to something we saw after one take.

Today, after video of the fight made its way to the masses, it seems as if other people jumped at a chance to make it personal with Green Life. Let’s take a look at the comments on shall we?

Lugatha writes:

Props to Kovalchuk for pursuing Green who was skating backwards away from the fight the whole time….

CocoQuaker7 states that:

This bout was a let down. Green jumped away like he was scared, then spun Kovalchuk so he couldn’t throw.

intodeep941 observes that:

i like superstars fighting but damn. green is a pansy. this is why the caps D is soft and they cant get past the 2nd round. no tough guys on their blue line

And finally, Sapunka16 thinks:

Mike Green is pretty good at flailing around like a bitch.

Now see, these comments are all well and good – we live in a society where there’s free speech – but I’m sorry, Mike Green didn’t get punk’d last night. To the contrary.

First, let’s observe some photos of the bout:


I don’t see any backwards skating here. (Photo via Clydeorama)


Mike Green donning a Wolverine hair-style, attempts a haymaker. (Photo by the AP/Jacquelyn Martin)


Hey! Is that Kovalchuk bleeding from the chin? (Photo by Heather Mabb)

I’m sorry, I must have missed Kovy bleeding during the telecast as the refs quickly ushered him off the ice and into the locker room. Kovalchuk explained later to reporters that the cut on his chin occurred when he was hit by a puck, not from the fight.

::cough cough:: BULL$%@# ::cough cough::

Secondly, I don’t want Mike Green fighting. But when he’s sticking up for a teammate – a teammate that routinely stands up for everyone else – that’s admirable.

Kovy took a run at an unaware Matt Bradley and checked him into the sideboards near the Capitals bench. Fast-forward to the 51 second mark of the below video to see what I mean:

Now look, I don’t care how many limp-wristed claw punches you throw, if you go out of your way to stand up for a teammate, good on you. This is the kind of stuff that brings teams together. This is what makes good teams great.

Finally, why is a finesse player like Ilya Kovalchuk taking runs at guys and starting fights in the third period? We appreciate that he was embarrassed after getting mollywhopped, 7-2, and he wanted to head to the locker room with some sense of dignity. But with Kovalchuk on-tilt against Matt Bradley and Mike Green, he doesn’t look dignified; he looks like a punk. Whereas the night before, 4-time Lady Byng winner Pavel Datsyuk earned respect for fighting Corey Perry. Why?

Datsyuk, a gentlemanly player who never drops the gloves, hung tough with Corey Perry, who has 40 career professional fights under his belt.

That’s what hockey’s about. Even if the fight between Kovalchuk and Green was amateurish, our boy Greener did right by his team like a true hockey pro.

  • Sherry

    Damn right he did!!! yours truly

  • Over_head (Rob)

    The fight was not so great, that is to be expected. But I give both these guys credit, at least the dumped the visors. Lots of supposed tough guys leave them on to fight, which is just silly. Both need some work, but it is not easy. I am guessing most folks being hard on Green never tried to fight, while on ice, while wearing skates.

  • Pat

    Couldn’t agree more with every word you said!!! The people on are all just Flyers fans who are upset that Pavel Datsyuk and Mike Green have more fights this year than Carcillo….. HAHAHAHA

    P.S. Datsyuk is the man!!!!!!!

  • R17a

    Children’s Carousel made by Green vs. Kovy

  • Cat

    Mollywhopped! Even though I’m pretty sure that’s not a real word, I am going to try to use it in a sentence every day for the next week.

  • Tim

    The fight was pathetic, but on both sides. Those commenters on hockeyfights either didn’t see the fight or simply hate the Caps. Kudos to Green for standing up for the teammate who would usually stand up for him, especially against a star who spent the whole night acting like a punk.

  • Rana

    As far as I’m concerned it was just a REAL fight compared to all this damn punch the living hell out of the other guy that we’ve gotten used to. This fight was, as the video commentary states, a traditional take your time lower league fight, where the fight is to break tension, not let out frustration which is what we’ve gotten used to in this league unfortunately. As for Green skating around a bit, I think he was doing two things, 1) get the fight in a better view for the audience to watch, that’s the point, give the crowd a show, and 2) dodging is part of fighting. He was merely playing with the kind of fight this developed into and was avoiding getting caught by Kovalchuk. Although it’s not as “entertaining” for some, this fight is of good taste to me and a refreshing reminder that not all fighters in the NHL fight to vent their crap on the ice. I love fights, don’t get me wrong, but too often it’s obvious that the fight has nothing to do with the game or really those involved, it’s just one of the fighters instigating so he can punch something. Kudos to both Green and Kovalchuk for bringing a real fight on the ice for us.

  • StreetHockey101

    Green definitely caught Kovalchuk on the way down which more than likely split his chin open. Check the 1:34 mark of the video, it happens literally right before they hit the ice.

  • Chris (VaMedic)

    I think the key is that he fought, and how he stood up to do it..not how it went down. Good on Green.

    And points to the author on Mollywhopped. (Cat it is a word, and you’ll want to check out what it means before you bust it out in some company. grin) In this case, it’s the perfect word for the night.

  • Cat

    LOL Chris. Upon consultation with Urban Dictionary I will take your advice and refrain from using this word. Also, I’m going to go bleach my eyes now.

  • “I’m sorry, I must have missed Kovy bleeding during the telecast as the refs quickly ushered him off the ice and into the locker room. Kovalchuk explained later to reporters that the cut on his chin occurred when he was hit by a puck, not from the fight.

    ::cough cough:: BULL$%@# ::cough cough::”

    I agree with you. I don’t get why people hate on this fight. I wouldn’t want to fight Kovalchuk, that’s for sure. He’s built like a bull. But as for his cut, he was hit in the mouth area in the first when Schultz dumped the puck in–I think from Schultz’s stick. I honestly think it was that.

  • Lulz. Around 0:16, after Kovy took off his earrings, he’s totally like “oooh GIRRRRL!”

    What the hell was Kovalchuk doing, anyway? It looked like a crab fight. Obviously Mike Green was thrown off by the bizarre lobster claws Kovy was throwing. A sad-looking battle all around. What the announcer said was true – junior hockey on the prairies used to be a bloodbath back in the day, and those kids know how to throw down. This was not MG52’s first rodeo. It might, however, have been his first encounter with a spoiled, greedy crustacean.

  • Peter Hassett

    Once again, mcawful lays waste to the comments thread.

  • Brad

    i think pat sajak should of stepped in for ole greeny.

  • Guinnessfan

    Where’s Sugar Sugden when you need him ?