Up for grabs today.

This photo is up for grabs today.

Our humble little blog, Russian Machine Never Breaks, spent the last year cutting our teeth writing about the Washington Capitals. Through our labors we learned about the team’s secret weapon: the Hershey Bears. This Pennsylvanian cache of dynamic, young talent kept us entertained long after the Caps took their early curtain call at the playoffs. The Hershey Bears marched dutifully to their 11th Calder Cup championship led by guys like Andrew Gordon, a right winger with bright prospects whose only mistake in his young career was to blog with our lowly ilk.

The HBH-ers inspired us, and we decided they deserve more than a measly category on this site. So all of the Russian Machinists got together one night, drank a couple root beers, one thing led to another, and now we have a bouncing baby blog in the family.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are proud to present to you

Sweetest Hockey on Earth

Piloting the new site will be Kathryn Hedrick, intrepid reporter and author of Flashy Glove Save, and Kyle M., photographer with a sports-coverage pedigree. Together they will relay to you the promise and excitement of the Hershey Bears Hockey with the same gusto, pizazz, and thesaurus-ness you find here on RMNB proper.

So join us in bookmarking on your laptop (and iPad), following @SweetestHockey on the Twitters, liking us on the facebook, and plugging this RSS feed into your feed reader. We’ll make it worth your while.

To celebrate SHOE (oh dear, is that really the acronym?), we’re holding a little contest. Among those of you who network up with us and help spread the word on Friday, we’ll select the most enthusiastic to receive some free RMNB merch and the signed photo above. We’ll announce our winners before Hershey’s home opener on Saturday Night.

Go! Bears! Go!

  • Tim

    Just so you know, the second link up there doesn’t work (the one right after “bookmarking”). It’s awesome to hear about SHOE – definitely going to add it to my daily reading. And also going to post about it to a bunch of Facebook friends.

  • Brandon

    Can’t wait ’til there are some SHOE entries in the T-Shirt store…

  • @Brandon, give us a week or two. We’ll make you happy.

    @Tim, Thanks for pointing out that link error. haha. Whoops!

  • SusieQ

    Oh thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU. This is exactly what the Bears fans need!!!

  • peachy

    You guys are true gentlemen, thank you for going to all this trouble! I marked my calendar for the days Hershey comes to Norfolk..the closest venue to me…taking the whole fam….can’t wait!!! “Sweetest Hockey On Earth” rocks the m*%Fi#ng FREE WORLD!!!!