This or That: Tiger Woods or Phil Mickelson?

Here was our favorite response.

Oh God, someone get me out of here.

Have any of you ever wanted to watch some of your favorite NHL players sweat it out on camera? Well if you have, then this “This or That” segment produced by Caps365 is for you. Almost the entire Caps roster is asked a simple question: Tiger Woods or Phil Mickelson? However, for some, this becomes a question of: Does dominance on the playing field trump who you are as a person?

The responses are hilarious. A few of the guys respond in complete defiance (Varly), some blush (Alzner) and some respond in uncomfortable laughter (Laich).

So who would you choose: Tiger or Phil? Whose answer did you like the best? And what is John Erskine so happy about?

  • Jessica

    Brook’s laugh is HILARIOUS. And Varly’s hair of course. Brads is the fist to acknowledge that it is “strictly golf”.

  • Haha Alzner’s adorable…

  • Mia

    My friend and I watched this last night and since then I have not been able to be the “this or that” song out of my head.

    this oh’ that…. this oh’ that…