Alex Ovechkin and Tiesto at Fur Nightclub

Ovi poses with DJ Tiesto at Club Fur

Ovi poses with DJ Tiesto at Club Fur (Photo via @Love4Greenie)

The Washington Capitals must have wanted to party after returning from their rowdy victory in Nashville. On Saturday the 16th (and well into Sunday the 17th), several of the Caps enjoyed the company of the world’s greatest DJ, the Netherlands’ own Tiesto.

If you’ve heard electronic music in the last ten years, you’ve probably heard Tiesto. He’s perennially rated in the top five DJs in the world by various authorities, including the Winter Music Conference. While he’s not operating in the jock-jam vein (“progressive trance” might be the best label), Tiesto is immensely popular. Washington’s pre-eminent electronic music fan and sometimes hockey player, Alex Ovechkin, is an avowed fan.

So when Glow programmed Saturday night at Fur Nightclub and invited Tiesto to spin, Ovie must have dragged the guys along. In the steady drizzle of amateur photo and video from that night, we see several Capitals on stage and behind the table with Tiesto, whooping it up for the throbbing throng before them.

Follow us past the jump for photos, videos, and how Tiesto spent his Tuesday night.


Ovi beckons the bounce.


John Carlson looks preppy as A.O. embraces some guy we don’t know. Any help, readers?


Tiesto shares precious trade secrets with an enthralled Ovechkin.


80% sure he is ordering a Red Bull for the DJ.

(All pictures via Glow’s Facebook Fanpage)

The Capitals and Tiesto must have made fast friends on Saturday, because he watched them play on Tuesday. Per his Twitter account, Tiesto’s tickets were furnished by none other than the Great 8 himself. Friend-of-the-blog and reigning Miss Virginia USA, Samantha Casey, tells us she spotted Tiesto and some Fur notables in her section at the Bruins game.

What music-hockey overlaps will we see next? Our money is on Eric Fehr doing a cameo in a Dierks Bentley music video.


(Thanks to @Love4Greenie for the heads-up.)

UPDATE: TJ at the always-excellent site Alex Ovetjkin has more (and beat us to press by one minute, dammit).

  • armychick

    ….maybe they should focus on the season AND THEIR GAME before they start clubbing. Just sayin’. Not impressed.

  • Diana

    It was Saturday night – they had all of Sunday off. Give ’em a break!

  • Amac

    With all do respect, shut up armychick. Check your shallow and nitwiited criticism at the door. I’m pretty sure the Capitals aren’t going to tell you how to live your life.

  • Rachel

    Seriously army! Ovie is not going to grow up overnight…he didn’t go out clubbing on a game night, and believe it or not, hockey is not their WHOLE life. Do you dedicate your entire life to your job? If so I suggest you fix that, because you will burn out. He’s a 25 year old millionaire. Let him have some fun.

  • Peter Hassett

    Hey guys, if the timeline makes sense, I think the guys went to the club after they got back from Nashville. It was probably already real late before they went out. I wouldn’t make too much of that.

  • AudreyMay

    I totally agree with u armychick! After last night’s game I think they need to focus ENTIRELY on their jobs! No, there’s nothing wrong with having a little fun and blowing off some steam, but staying up all night is pretty stupid in my opinion. Everyone knows how important sleep is to your physical well-being and staying up til the next morning and then expecting to play your best (even a day later) isn’t going to happen. Plus it takes your body awhile to recover from the schedule change. They’ve been off ALL SUMMER having fun and clubbing or whatever they do, it’s only October and they need to focus on hockey until next June!!!! Especially after the playoffs last year! That’s what they’re paid the big bucks for! Ovie is 25 now, time to stop clubbing it up. They should all be very cautious with where they go and what they’re doing b/c they are under a microscope and obviously anything they are doing gets caught on film! My advice is STAY HOME AND PARTY BOYS!!! Additionally, I’m glad Ovie plays hockey better than he dances.

  • Cookie Monster

    @armychick and @AudreyMay

    As someone has already pointed out, the night Ovie and the boys went to the club was not on a game night nor was it a night before a practice. The entire team had the DAY OFF on Sunday. They had plenty of time to recover.

    I went to practice on Monday and everyone had lots of energy and alertness as Bruce put the team through a hard workout.

    Sometimes blowing off steam is the best thing to do to reset the mind before the next round of hard work. If you don’t take time to step away and fully relax occasionally, then you will burn out faster.

    As for Tuesday’s game, that was the first time the team didn’t come out flat this season. They put more effort into the game against Boston than any game since last year.

  • Rachel

    If you really expect players to dedicate their lives entirely to hockey for up 2 9+ months at a time…well be prepared to be dissapointed. They went to a party to meet a DJ they really like. Sure I wish they spent their free time watching tv, reading a book, or having a nice dinner party at home…but it’s not gonna happen. I will only intrude on their personal life when it DIRECTLY affects their game…they get fat, arrested, or come to a game or practice hung over. Off the ice it is their lives to live how they chose.

  • Mac-daddy

    Look like Johhny C Suited Up!

  • joe

    According to Mike Wise last spring on his radio show. Ovechkin, Green and Semin were out drinking nights before playoff games. If true, very troubling. I don’t give a rat’s behind about the regular season as long as they make they playoffs.

  • GOAT 21

    @armychick and @AudreyMay

    Listen, on Friday evening when you get off after a long hard week of work (and maybe travel?), I’m going to need you guys to go home, lay into a novel, have a little dinner and then shut her down for the night. You guys have a big day of work ahead of you on Monday. Throw all of your ‘Employee of the Year’ awards to the side (if you’ve earned any) as well as your personal life, and focus back on your work week ahead. Trust me, you’ll be better off. Because telling a millionaire who’s the best at his profession on the entire planet how to live his life is understandable… oh, wait.

  • Peter

    GOAT21 wins

  • ams4985

    going to the club is perfectly understandable to blow off some steam. the players allways have sunday off so its understandable that they believed it was ok to go hang out late saturday night and early sunday morning. However…. OV was shooting a commercial on monday and they all had the season ticket holder party on monday night. the lack of sleep caused by the late night clubbing could have had a negative effect on the players performance on tuesday, but it also could have had no effect at all. either way its not our choice and things happened the way they happened. besides, the players deserved a night of fun

  • NavyBeanChili

    Goat wins. Period.

    If people didn’t go out and have fun every once in a while and dedicated every waking moment to their job 100% of the time I’m sure the amount of people going postal at their workplace would significantly increase.

  • Wow. I don’t understand why everyone is talking about whether or not Caps players (see: real guys) can go out and have every now and then. What we all SHOULD be discussing is AO’s fantastically terrible dance moves. I love Ovie just as much, if not more than your average fan, but come on and dance like a real person. This “dancing” is a disgrace to the entire Capitals organization and I truly hope he’s harassed in the locker room for this embarrassment.