EXCLUSIVE: Alan May has an iPad

photo 1 (1)

Hmm, what is that? Enhance quadrant J-7.

photo 2

By Crom! Alan May has an iPad.

This raises a few questions:

  1. Most importantly, has he bookmarked RMNB?
  2. Did Nicky Backstrom buy it?
  3. What apps does he have?
  4. Is he playing Angry Birds during commercial breaks?
  5. Does he have Words With Friends? (If so, please challenge username peterhassett to a brawl.)

Still: check out May getting all tech-savvy. He’s on Twitter now, @mentioning himself in almost every tweet, and blogging a righteously bloggy blog for CSN. Next thing you know, he’ll join a World of Warcraft guild, do some trolling on 4chan, and make some Sad Keanu‘s for his tumblog.

Yeah, I know. Slow news day.

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  • boutros23

    Oooh, WwF. I rule at that. Dare you to challenge me…

  • Ian

    Peter, I think you found yourself a challenger.

  • Peter

    Bring it child