Backstrom vs. Backstrom

Thursday night, for one night only, see the fight of the ages. One man faces his deadliest dangerous foe yet: himself!

Backstrom vs. Backstrom

Niklas Backstrom will start in net for the Wild tomorrow night against Nicklas Backstrom and the Capitals [Michael Russo]. Guess that means former-Capital/perpetual handsome dude Jose Theodore rides the pine.

  • You can tell which one is evil by the facial hair.

  • PaintDrinkingPete

    I’m pretty sure the “good” Backstrom couldn’t grow an evil beard even if he wanted too!

    Hopefully it won’t cause too much problem for anyone listening to game on the radio…

    “Backstrom handles to puck, passes to Ovechkin…he shoots, deflection by Backstrom, Knuble gets the rebound, over to Backstrom, GREAT SAVE BACKSTROM! Backstrom tried to put it in with the backhand, but Backstrom came all the way over and deflected the shot wide”

  • Minnesota also has a #55 Blueliner named Schultz!!

  • Peter Hassett


    That is hilarious!

  • Peter Hassett

    Also, I decided that evil Backstrom has Van Dyke facial hair. If anyone thinks this is unwise, please say so.

  • CapsFan1975

    I recall reading a comparison of the two Nick Backstroms on another blog, specifically “The Hockey Chronicles”

    Link here:

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  • Look out, Niklas Backstrom! Here comes Nicklas Backstrom, with defenseman Jeff Schultz skating behind him; Backstrom shoots, the other Schultz blocks, Schultz strips the puck, passes to Backstrom, who shoots at Backstrom! HUGE rebound, Backstrom shoots again, Backstrom misses the save, and Backstrom SCOOOOOOORES!

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