Behold: The Ovechkin-o-Lantern!

People don’t understand the true meaning of Halloween. It’s not about collecting candy or doing keg stands at Peter’s house; it’s about scaring the living bejesus out of children. Knowing this, RMNB reader Mandy expertly extched Ovi’s cretinous countrenance into a pumpkin, and we couldn’t be prouder. There’s nothing scarier than an angry, 235 lbs. Russian with fiery eyes and the will to break you.

Caps won! I got inspired. Please don’t sue me @russianmachine lol. than a minute ago via Twitter for Android


Um, Mandy?


I assure you: we will not sue.

In fact, you get your own post on RMNB. Thank so much! And to the rest of you: where’s your hockey/Halloween spirit???

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  • Suzanne

    my whole office agrees. BEST. PUMPKIN. EVER.


    I am actually carving pumpkins today and was thinking of doing an Ovi one, I don’t think mine will look this good though. haha

  • Rockin’ The Red in VA

    Two words. . . .

    Bad Ass


  • BobbyG

    This is both awesome and hilarious. Just for Halloween, Ovie should shed his tinted visor and let the opposition have a look at his new and improved pumpkin game face. It should strike the fear of God into them LOL!

  • peachy

    awesome job, Mandy!! I love that it’s sitting on her washing machine!! LOL!

  • That is all kinds of awesome.

  • Sara Bae

    BEST!!!!! PUMPKIN!!!!! EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you make the ovechkin family proud! omg! you know how squirrels get to it after halloween? i think you need t spray it with pesticide…so whatever animal tries to bite ovi’s face off, DIes!!! – ok that was too morbid but at least you got a pic of it! HAWWWTTT!