CSN’s intro videos have always been well done, but this one takes the cake. Going high concept, Joe Beninati and a dedicated graphics team introduce us to the Young Guns the Super Friends.

Nicklas Backstrom is Mr. Cool.
Alex Semin is Blade.
Mike Green is Falcon.
Alex Ovechkin is Laser.

Thanks to Neil Greenberg for his unrivaled DVR skills.

  • Elle


  • BobbyG

    The Caps won tonight, but it was a lot tougher than it should have been.

  • Sara Bae

    i was on the edge of my seat all of third period… last 7 mins of the game,i was holding my hand to my heart as it was beating soooo fast. i couldnt breath and my face looked like this —> http://asandboxgreeting.com/pmorb.jpg (except asian) until shoot out and i screamed and roared and was jumping around and punching the table and screamed YEAAAHHH, B*ITCHES!!!!…i always knew in my heart that we’d blow these leafs back out of our “lawn”!!!! IN SEMIN WE <3- even tho he was in the sin bin twice, hes so BAD ASS!!!

    first caps shoot out of the season! how exhilarating!
    p.s. I believe that hockey is love because 2 really nerdy hockey fans behind us fell in love and met due to thier love for the caps. cuutteee.

  • Diana

    Ahhhhh haha LOVE IT

  • This deserves a doodle. ;D

  • Elyssa

    Sara Bae, it’s funny you say that because my boyfriend David and I met and fell in love through a Capitals fanpage 🙂 He was beside himself to find a girl who really knew the sport and could intelligently discuss it and I loved that he appreciated and recognized my knowledge and love for the sport and didn’t try to write me off as a “puck bunny.”. We met to watch one game with some friends and everything just flourished from there! Thanks to the Caps, and hockey in general, we’re 10 months strong and have no intentions of letting each other go <3 Lol just had to share cuz of your comment!

  • LOLz…. Kinda surprised they didn’t nickname Sasha – “Twirls”

  • Jessica

    Haha. Super friends.

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