Crosby Talks to Maxim About Ovechkin and Nothing Else

Sidney Crosby vs. Alex Ovechkin is the overriding narrative for the Winter Classic. You just know Doc, J.R., Milbury, and weird old Pierre are going to beat this horse to death. You know HBO is going to dedicate an entire reel of film to it. You know Mike Wise is going to write something as provocative as it is empirically wrong about it. Even Maxim magazine is getting in on the action.

October’s issue — the one with [generic Hollywood ingenue wearing lingerie] on the cover–  contains a Q&A with Pittsburgh’s superstar. Guess what they talk about:

Hm. Maxim describes Sidney Crosby as a 'Terminator like prodigy' and Ovi as a 'Flashy Showboat.' (via Wes Johnson)

Sidney is impressively politic in the piece. Despite being given an easy opening, he declines to critique Ovechkin’s playing style. Crosby even offers praise, albeit terse, for his  rival. Sidney’s only bite was to anticipate trash talk from Alex (“I guarantee he will”). The interviewer eggs Crosby on, and Sidney doesn’t react. “I’ll just see him on the ice.” Those are good parting words, even if they’re not ones the media wanted. On the ice is where the Caps and Pens mediated four conflicts last season, and on the ice is where the Caps won all four. So let’s do that again.

Thanks to our hero, Wes Johnson, for the heads up on this.

  • Mac-daddy

    Fairly classy words from Crosby. Perhaps trying to not anger a monster?

  • Pat

    Very glad Crosby isn’t some outspoken, trash talking A**hole……. He’s not the T.O. of the NHL, and that is something we ALL can be thankful for! 🙂

  • JenK

    A Terminator-like prodigy vs. a flashy showboat? Really, Maxim?

  • Mike

    As a fervent Caps fan, my grudging respect for Sidney Crosby continues to grow. Any true hockey fan has to respect his skills. And his demeanor seems more mature the past couple years, to boot. As for settling it on the ice, I hope the Caps get 8 cracks at the Pens this year. A playoff victory over the Pens could only be topped by a Cup.

  • BobbyG

    Crosby is no fool. He knows enough about motivation not to provide any bulletin board material for the Caps, especially Ovie, going into the Winter Classic. The Pens’ Captain’s style and temperament are vastly different from Ovie’s, for sure, and seems content to let the media beat the hype drum to death but won’t bite despite obviously being goaded into saying something stupid. Crosby does his talking on the ice, which is fine. The Caps should also do their talking on the ice, and whip the Pens’ collective butts in the Winter Classic and hopefully also in the playoffs. That would be sweet.