Reader Reports: Alex Ovechkin Signs DVDs at Sterling Best Buy

Alex Ovechkin, in his Avoid Responsibility T-Shirt, signs copies of his new DVD at the Sterling Best Buy.

The new Alex Ovechkin DVD came out today to much aplomb. Surely, you’ve seen the trailer. Hopefully you’ve followed along as Dan Steinberg cataloged the shirtlessness. It’s kind of a big deal.

Alyonka Larionov (daughter of Igor “The Profesor” Larionov), who worked on the film, supplied this note using some newfangled technology called YouTube:

(Alyonka, you are brilliant. Call me. Let’s get slurpees together. – Peter)

Neil, Ian, and Peter couldn’t make it to Alex’s signing at the Best Buy in Sterling, Virginia for personal reasons (iPad fiddling, sculpting a Braden Holtby golem, and Glee respectively). But that doesn’t mean our army of spies weren’t out in full force to relay all the salacious details.

Paula G. writes us:

I got to Best Buy around 5:30, expecting it to be crazy. The line was pretty long even half an hour early: it wrapped around the store when I got there, and I can imagine it only got longer.

When Ovi got there, everyone cheered. Surprisingly enough the line moved quickly, even though we were allowed to pose for pictures with him. He put his car in the shop at the back ( I didn’t even know Best Buy even did cars?!), so we got to take some pictures of his car along the way. It took 20 minutes to get to the front of the line. Though the handlers did rush us a bit, everyone got to take a picture with him, and he was really gracious and polite. Ovi had some friends there, too, that joked with him between autographs. His biggest smiles were for the little kids, especially for the babies [Ed. note – Paula assures us ‘babies’ is not slang for particularly hot women]. By 7 PM the line was really short, and Ovi took a break. I think he signed for another hour, but all in all it was easy and fun,and more importantly it didn’t take forever. Good experience!

Now I’m going to go watch the DVD. Shirtless Ovi time!

Thanks for finishing on that lustful note, Paula.

Suzanne speaks her piece:

Like buzzards Caps fans pick the bones from the DVD kiosk.

Like buzzards Caps fans pick the bones from the DVD kiosk.

The table was like an assembly line. They ask you to take the cover off the DVD and take it from you when you reach the front of the line. They hand that cover to Ovi, who signs it and passes it to a third guy. That guy passes it back to you.

Alex Ovechkin’s t-shirt says, “Avoid Responsibility.” That is awesome. [Ed. note – RMNB policy strictly forbids emoticons, but you should know there was one here.]

Alex himself was pretty shy.  He didn’t say much at all, but the guys helping at the table thanked me when I left. He is, however, a total sucker for little kids. He would stop the signing to take pictures with them.

Aww, Ovechkin. One day he will make a great daddy. In the meantime, avoid responsibility at all costs. Dude, us too.


The freshly graphed DVD, signed by the Russian Machine.

Suzanne’s autographed DVD will sit right next Point Break and The Cutting Edge on the shelf.

Kids do homework in line while waiting for Ovechkin to arrive.

Insolent children are forced to write jokes for RMNB game reacps while parents wait in line.


Patient fans make small talk to drown out Chad Dukes’s voice pouring out of the stereo section.

Ovi's parked car in the Sterling Best Buy

The Ovechkin jalopy in the Best Buy garage. If he got those awful Sony Xplod speakers installed, I’m officially a Crosby fan.

Thank you to Paula G. and Suzanne K. for their reader reports and photos. If you also attended the signing, please share your story below.

  • Robert

    I was one of the first 15 people in line and was very disappointed with the way Best Buy shuffled people through like a conveyor belt. I had to give my sleeve to a guy, couldn’t even hand it to Alex, and I had it back before I was even 5 feet from the table. I couldn’t even get a picture taken. They were rushing people so fast that the person in front of me never got his sleeve handed back to him. He had to wait for a replacement. This was my first signing event and I’m sure this was the fault of the Best Buy people, and I don’t hold any blame towards Ovi.

  • JadedFan

    Shoot, you think the Best Buy handlers were bad, you should have been at Hockey N Heels at Kettler last night. First, they made a big announcement stating that taking posed pictures with the fellas was strickly verboten and to keep moving in the lines and basically don’t make any eye contact with the players whatsoever, which I thought was a nice touch. So of course after taking my shooting lesson with Carlson and then waiting for the rest of the girls to get their turn to not speak with or fraternize with the players, what do I see by two young chicks not only posing with Carlson for photos but, gasp, TOUCHING him!!! Needless to say I was perturbed since I didn’t get my chance to neither touch a player NOR have my photo taken with one. When someone said something to the handler in charge at the time she brushed it off with a “well, I couldn’t STOP her!!!” Not cool Caps handlers, not cool at all! And we will remember that crap next time we ante up our $50! Last year they let us take photos all we wanted AND touch players! AND the year before that they actually had the players involved meet the girls at a nearby bar afterwards and not only speak with them but, again, GASP, drink with them! What the heck is going on with the Caps PR people anyway??? Just because they are becoming popular does that mean they are trying to remove them from interacting with the fans at all??? I, for one, think that’s a real shame and pretty soon it will be like Pro Football. No one will ever get the chance to have a conversation with one of the Caps anywhere at any time. Sad.

  • Mary K

    This is why I love this blog.

    @JadedFan, sucks to hear about the Hockey N Heels event. 🙁
    (Hopefully emoticons aren’t banned in the comments section!)

  • @Mary uh-oh….. i think i’ve used an emoticon in every comment I’ve ever made here 😀

  • Brad

    whats wrong with xplod speakers? i put those on my christmas list

  • Peter Hassett

    @Brad, as an audio engineer, I am not a fan of Sony’s car speakers. Or much of anything they make.

  • Jacob


  • CapsFan

    Huh. I was at the Hockey and Heels event and had a great time. Yes, I saw a couple of young women break the rules about posed pix but I didn’t get in a swivet over it. I wasn’t there to date a Cap. I was there to have a great time and learn more about hockey. On that basis, H&H was very successful. I saw myself on the Jumbotron at Verizon last night when they showed a short recap of the event. I have some personal short videos of my experience and I sure look happy.

    Clearly some rules are needed when you have 200 women in attendance and they need to practice face offs, shoot pucks (twice), try being a goalie, see what Caps level exercise looks like, get your picture taken with the Winter Classic uniform, and listen to Bruce explain how he analyzes game tapes — all in three hours.

    Since H&H sold out in five minutes, I think they can anticipate a sell out next year, too. At any price.

    BTW, despite what I said about not looking to date a Cap, if Peter Bondra ever becomes available, he is MINE.

  • Hittman

    Do you have to go to school to be an audio engineer or is that like being a master of custodial arts?

  • Peter Hassett

    Ha. @Hittman.

    You don’t have to go to school. I took some classes in college and studied under the guy who ran the first all-digital studio in NYC back in the early 1700’s.

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