The Machinist: November 19, 2010


RMNB mention in D2 of The Washington Post’s Sports Section.

The Machinist is where RMNB takes a look back at the week that was.

First off, big ups to Dan Steinberg for coining our new tagline: The world’s foremost authority on Holtbyisms.

Most Popular Articles of the Week

  1. Capitals Superfan Goat Gets Hitched
    The loudest unamplified voice at Verizon Center leaves bachelorhood behind in style.
  2. Varly Rehabs in Hershey, Gives First English TV Interview
    Varly is so proud of his hard-earned language skills; he’ll send this tape back to his family in Russia.
  3. RMNB Presents a Sneak Peak of Alex Ovechkin: The GR8
    Alex Ovechkin’s new DVD features 200x more shirtlessness, and the faintest whiff of man musk.

Articles You Might Have Missed

  1. A Caps Fan in Buffalo Territory
    Stephanie Carosa finagled her way into a closed practice last week. Here are the pictures.
  2. Why Caps Fans Need Tålamod With Marcus Johansson
    Not exactly flush with options for a second-line center, Neil suggests patience in developing MJ90.
  3. Breaking Down The Capitals Line Combinations
    Neil Greenberg revels in the triumph of Alex Semin and bargains for more Boyd Gordon.
  4. Reader Reports: Alex Ovechkin Signs DVDs at Sterling Best Buy
    The article that has inspired literally tens of people to buy Avoid Responsibility t-shirts.
  5. Prospect Watch: Cody Eakin Scores OTGWG on His Own Bobblehead Night
    Would be worth it even if it was just the Cody Eakin bobblehead photo.

Game Recaps

  1. Sabres 3, Capitals 2 (OT) – “All penalties are four minutes. It’s a new rule. Did you not get the memo?”
  2. Capitals 6, Thrashers 4 – “an out-of-control garbage truck full of terminally ill kittens”
  3. Caps 4, Sabres 2 – “Matt Bradley soars on the wings of griffins and plucks dragon teeth for sport.”

You can also read all about how the can of 12.5% ABV caffeinated whoop arse the Hershey Bears opened up on the Senators and the Crunch, but you have probably already bookmarked Sweetest Hockey on Earth, right?

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  • Em

    Capitals 6, Thrashers 4 – “an out-of-control garbage truck full of terminally ill kittens”

    Gotta admit–best line of the week!