Semyon Varlamov’s New Mask as Described by the Artist

The new Semyon Varlamov mask painted by David Gunnarsson.

The new Semyon Varlamov mask painted and airbrushed by David Gunnarsson.

Today, pro airbrush artist and custom mask painter David Gunnarsson released photos of the new mask he painted for Semyon Varlamov. He also shared some of the inspiration and backstory behind the mask’s creation.

It’s so exciting to create Washington Capitals talent Semyon Varlamov’s mask designs. His earlier designs that I have gotten the honor to create have become enormously popular. Both Semyon and I like designs with lots of thinking behind, where you tell a story. This new design goes in same spirit as his previous designs with lots of details and color fields that are tied together with the mighty colors of the Caps. The design is both innovative and old school in a great mix.

The whole design is devoted to Varlamov’s new hometown with American motifs. The American eagle and the Capitol, and also President Washington in blue tints in old fashion style. The mask is a sympony of colors, tints and contrasts with all elements of Capitals, a design that with its strong contrasts is razor sharp also from distance.

To see more photos of the mask, check out Dave’s personal portfolio site and also check out Caps Snaps who caught up with Varly in Hershey.

  • PaintDrinkingPete

    I’m actually a bit surprised by the lack of Russian elements on this one.

  • Ron

    I don’t care if he wears a bucket as long as he’s stopping pucks. From watching him in Hershey this weekend, his reflexes are not up to speed yet.