Get over to our babyblog SHOE to watch Ian Oland’s interview with the Hershey Bear’s own Andrew Gordon. Last week, Ian cornered the AHL’s most prolific scorer in the locker room and forced him to answer questions about Sidney Crosby, not making the Capitals roster, Braden Holby’s eccentricities, and punishing AHL schedules.  Gordon, who contributed to RMNB this spring, was a very good sport.

Here’s your pullquote: “My skill-set is equal, or if not, better than [Sidney’s].” The kid’s a laugh riot.

How could you not click a link when it’s this big?

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  • Sean

    I’m going to relate this post with horribly logic just to post it in this thread.

    Caps trade Tomas Fleischmann for SCOTT HANNAN from Colorado. HECK YES.

    Now the horrible logic. Maybe this means that Laich will center the 2nd line and we’ll call up A.Gordon to take the open wing spot? 😛
    Not likely at all, probably stand pat with the forwards. If anyone gets called up, it would be Perreault, but I’m not even sure that happens. Most likely MaJo jumps up to 2nd line, Gordon on 3rd, and Steckel on 4th.