Refs beat Caps 2-1, Dallas Stars Also Played

Mike-Ribeiro scores. Sasha Minor skates away in disgust.

Mike Ribeiro punishes the Caps for one of their many penalties. (Photo credit: Tony Gutierrez)

(Photo credit: Tony Gutierrez)

Hendricks spars with GWG-er Brandon Segal. (Photo credit: Tony Gutierrez)

The Washington Capitals have just played their second game in as many days. Facing the surging, workman-like Dallas Stars, the Caps debuted their newly acquired defender Scott Hannan. But the Stars saw the Caps coming.

Mike Ribeiro connected on the fourth of five Dallas powerplays. The Caps did not respond until the third period, when Mike Knuble one-timed the puck from the weak side off a great pass from Mike Green. Only twenty seconds later, Brandon Segal undid Knuble’s work and reset the Stars’ lead. In the final ten seconds, John Carlson scored the GTG goal only to be waved off for interference against a crease-crowding Alex Ovechkin. Well done, officials. You have bested our Caps again. Stars beat Caps 2-1.

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