The Machinist: December 03, 2010

Let’s turn our world-weary eyes back to the week that found us emerging from tryptophan hangovers and beginning the festival of lights.

Can’t-miss: Point your browser over to our other selves at Sweetest Hockey on Earth, where Ian interviews Andrew Gordon, and many yucks are shared.

Most Popular Articles of the Week

  1. Barack Obama To Attend A Washington Capitals Game Next Year
    Blast from the past, eh? A golden oldie from the salad days of August. Okay, who linked to us?
  2. Caps beat Bolts 6-0 in a Blow-out-y Thing
    The day after this recap was posted, RMNB instituted the “not quite so many beers before writing” rule.
  3. Ovi’s Shootout Goal Lifts Caps Over Canes 3-2 (SO)
    Famous mostly for the photo of Alex Ovechkin spooning Eric Staal.

Articles You Might Have Missed

  1. The Constant Changing Of The Linemates
    Marvel at the return of Semyon Varlamov in this week’s scoring chances post.
  2. Jessica’s Movember Birthday Adventure with the Caps
    Shots shots shots shots shots.
  3. Evgeny Kuznetsov’s Sophomore Year in KHL: Numbers, Highlights, and Showmanship
    Kuz is killing it in the KHL, the kid knows how to celebrate.
  4. GMGM to Scott Hannan: You. Complete. Us.
    Neil finds no downside in acquiring Scott Hannan.
  5. Shutouts With Five Goals Against Are Rare
    Could be rarer.

Game Recaps

  1. Capitals 6, Lightning 0 — [This post was awful. No pullquotes.]
  2. Capitals 3, Hurricanes 2 (SO) —  “D.J. King to the Devils for a sack of nickels and some mozzarella sticks.”
  3. Capitals 4, Blues 1 — “Mousetrap (noun) – the act of pushing the net up and over the goalie’s head so that he becomes stuck under it not unlike in that popular Hasbro board game.”
  4. Stars 2, Capitals 1 — “The Stars are like the Foot Clan of hockey teams: damn near anonymous and operating on herd mentality.”
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