Caps Skate with Fans at DC Sculpture Garden

John Carlson holds what appears to be a really happy baby

Prepare to have your heart-strings tugged at. The Washington Capitals participated in a public skate at the D.C. Sculpture Garden this morning. Our hero Suzanne K. was on the scene and snapped some superb pictures. If you’ve been waiting for photos of Nicky Backstrom skating hand-in-hand with adorable little girls, your wait is now over.

Photos (Click on them to enlarge)


Wes Johnson announcing the Capitals

Peter Bondra pushing Craig Laughlin in a chair.

Slapshot gives a kid a highfive





















Meg, a staff member of the National Gallery of Art and a hockey player, races with Peter Bondra around the rink. Bonzai had a rough start.

Craig Laughlin asks the crowd what they want to see Peter do. They asked for him to skate on one leg, backwards. He gives us a little extra at the end.

Capitals Official Video of the Event

John Carlson Gets Behind the Camera

  • CDizz

    Imagine a world with young Bondra playing for the Caps now…Ovi, Backy, Semin, Green, and Bondra…deadliest powerplay on Earth

  • Nicole

    I love this!! That shot of Nick skating towards the camera holding hands with those two teenage girls was hilarious. I am starting to wonder if Alzner and Carlson ever go anywhere without each other, though…

  • OMG Carlson holding that little baby…SO adorable!!! Looks like fun guys…very cool of the Caps to do this.

  • DarkStranger44

    Cute pictures! As Nicole mentioned, Carlson and Alzner are the Caps’ newest bromance.

  • Mary K.

    Love these photos. And where do they get the background music for the Caps videos?? It is always random 90s music!

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  • @Mary K. – Don’t knock the DJ stylings of Brett Leonhardt!

  • BobbyG

    Thanks for posting all the great photos and videos Ian! It looks like everyone who was there had a great time.

    @Nicole and DarkStranger4: Carlson and Alzner do make a cute couple LOL!

    @CDizz: you have the same fantasy I do, a young Peter Bondra playing for the current Caps team. While I’m in my fantasy world, how about a young Sergei Fedorov back again for one more go at the Cup?

    BobbyG, playing The Eurythmics “Sweet Dreams Are Made of This”

  • Great photos and videos! Thanks for posting them.

  • FedFed

    The best thing about is that guys really LOVED it. They enjoyed skating with kids and fans.

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  • Hittman

    If Bondra had the right circle where Backstrom plays, Ovy same spot, Green up top, Backstrom SOMEWHERE…holy shit. Two rocket one timers from either side.

  • Nicky’s amateur teenage fangirls aren’t squealing like they should be, nor did they take the opportunity to smell his hair. Twilight has destroyed this generation.

    And John Carlson holding that small midget has magically eased my distaste for small children. Caps do give back. Also, Bondra’s the shit. What a guy.

  • Em

    LMFAO @mcawful. Always good for a guffaw.

  • Why didn’t Slapshot skate?

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