Brooks Laich's got Bieber Fever

Don’t we all?*

The Capitals (along with DC101’s Elliot Segal and Alan May) participated in the laudable Toys for Tots at Toys R Us, and there’s awesome video. File this alongside Caps-in-police uniforms, pouring beer for charity, and skating with kiddies: nice for the community, but severely undercutting the bloodthirsty, grandmother-kicking reputation we want for our team.

The visit also seems to have sparked a Twitter brawl between Alan May and Capitals video producer/warm-up DJ/only-guy-who-can-reach-the-top-shelf Brett Leonhardt. You need to see that.

More silly pics behind the jump.

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RMNB Prospect Watch

Ed. note – Fedor Fedin and Roman Piontkovsky of GlobalCapsFans are not at fault for the tardiness of this week’s entry. That’s all on Peter. Regardless, Russian Machine is proud to provide the bi-weekly lowdown on players somewhere beyond the Caps system (CHL, USHL, NCAA, KHL, XBOX360).  Prospect Watch incoming!

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VIDEO: Braden Holtby Speaks to SHOE about his Time in D.C.

Hop on over to our Hershey Bears blog, Sweetest Hockey on Earth, to check out Ian’s interview with Braden Holtby. After an up-and-down stint in D.C., Holtby returned to PA, where he has since wrecked shop. Following a shutout, Braden spoke at length about his time in Washington, how his aggressive style works (or does not) in the NHL, and the infinite mystery of Sasha Minor.

Hard to miss a mondo-sized link like this, ain’t it?

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