Brooks Laich's got Bieber Fever

Don’t we all?*

The Capitals (along with DC101’s Elliot Segal and Alan May) participated in the laudable Toys for Tots at Toys R Us, and there’s awesome video. File this alongside Caps-in-police uniforms, pouring beer for charity, and skating with kiddies: nice for the community, but severely undercutting the bloodthirsty, grandmother-kicking reputation we want for our team.

The visit also seems to have sparked a Twitter brawl between Alan May and Capitals video producer/warm-up DJ/only-guy-who-can-reach-the-top-shelf Brett Leonhardt. You need to see that.

More silly pics behind the jump.

Screencaps and Our Dumb Jokes


Penguin stomp: Alan May did the same thing to Jay Caulfield in ’91.


Season-ending injury.


To be fair, the penguin started it by high-sticking Jason Chimera.


Bieberama for BL21


Brooks Laich consults a manual on flipping the net over Varlamov’s head.

* NOTE: For the uninitiated, Fedor claims to look like Justin Bieber.

  • I think Fedor is much better lookin’ than Just8in Bieber. ;D

  • FedFed

    I’m not claiming to look like Bieber since I hate him (LOL), but I was born 3 or 4 days later than him. March ’94 was good!

  • Thanks for the link to the video. Now I know what Brooksie’s new lady friend looks like… (

  • Sherry

    well how would we know what you look like Fedor? Ive yet to see pics on your facebook page or here on the blog? 🙂