Alex Ovechkin’s New Gillette Commercial

Alex Ovechkin shaves for Gillette

On Tuesday, Gillette announced a multi-year partnership with Alex Ovechkin. The Capitals’ superstar is now the company’s ambassador for Russia and Eastern Europe. Dan Steinberg of the DC Sports Bog has reported that Ovi will join such international sports icons as New York Yankee’ aging shortstop Derek Jeter and British rugby player Jonny Wilkinson in representing the company.

Well, last night I caught glimpse of Ovi’s first Gillette commercial, which has dropped in Moscow. Check it out!

The dialogue of the commercial is as follows:

There’s a superstition that you can’t shave before the important games [Ed. Note – Peter knows this better than anyone else]. This is a great excuse for a hockey player with sensitive skin! But with Gillette Series Aftershave Balm, you won’t feel dry or tightened skin anymore. The new balm’s formula with aloe vera moistens skin after shaving. So from now on, use Gillette, and have no superstitions!

A few notes: First, the colors of the Gillette jersey are terrible. It reminds me of the New York Islanders’ sweaters, and that is not a team you want to be emulating.

Second, does this mean no playoff beard for Ovi? When asked by the popular Russian-language sports portal Sportbox, Sasha had this to say:

I haven’t decided yet how I will groom myself for the playoffs – maybe I’ll shave or maybe I will grow beard. We have an agreement with Gillette to observe sacred traditions. But it’s too early to talk about it – we need to make the playoffs first!

Great non-answer. Being among the politicians in D.C. has paid off.

So finally, for our readers, we must end our post with an important question. Which edition of the Capitals captain do you like better? The clean-shaven Ovi or the unkempt one? Let us know in the comments blow.

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  • I like an in-between Ovie. Not too unkempt, but just a little scruff. Makes him look rugged and tough (I guess… hahaha). ;D

  • TheHornGuy

    I think he looks ok with facial hair. I just wish he’d fix the missing tooth.

  • Elyssa

    I agree with Rachel…I don’t want him looking like Grizzly Adams and I don’t want him baby faced like stupid Crybaby, but a little scruff looks good 🙂

  • Em

    I like him clean-shaven. He doesn’t look so dirty that way.

  • Ian

    Personally, I love the scruff. Clean-shaven Ovechkin is just not as intimidating.

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  • b_witch16

    I definitely prefer scruffy Ovi, and I think the clean shaven look is bad karma for the Caps, but I hope I’m wrong on that one 🙂

    Un-kempt look goes better with what he needs to stand for; power and fierceness. Unleash the fury does not shave!

  • Hittman

    I prefer Ovy circa 2007-8. This new version doesn’t score goals.

  • iwearstripes

    Clean shaven looks faster.

  • This clean-shavenness is bad for business, and everyone knows it. Unkempt Ovi equals Scoring Machine Ovi.

    He’s obviously at his most dangerous when he looks like he’s just murdered a couple of hookers with a pickaxe. Like, when his face says, “score goals, win Cup!”, but his beard is clearly saying “FUCKINK STAB YOU”.

  • Peter Hassett

    mcawful wins again

  • robert

    Scruffy is much better. Speaking of the baby-faced one. I was watching a game at a bar that had HD (don’t have it at home). When the light was just right, and Sid turned in a certain direction you could still some little black dots. I guess those were facial hairs.

  • Allie

    I like his shaven look alot. His scruffy look isnt bad either. It makes him look more intimidating! He should keep the missing tooth and fix the crooked nose though. (:

  • Me

    Ovi looks much better clean shaven than he does with facial hair. He doesn’t look so sloppy when clean shaven.

  • JH

    UNSHAVEN – The more caveman the better. I also wish he would refrain from improving his english. I like the sentences utterly devoid of articles like “the’ and “a” and they need to be uttered by him while sporting a scruffy beard/goatee amalgamation and a piano-key grin.