Peter Bondra chats with Alan May at the Reston Town Center skating pavilion.

On Sunday morning, the Washington Capitals and the Reston Town Center skating pavilion hosted the Mites on Ice Outdoor Classic. Some of Northern Virginia’s cutest youth hockey players from ages 4 to 7 donned Caps jerseys and played puck with some pros. There was a tournament of half-ice games, a full-ice championship game, and– from what we hear– some adorable goal celebrations.

As a bonus, the Caps also sent out alumni Alan May and Peter Bondra to give a skills demonstration, skate with fans, and sign autographs after the tournament.

I was sick with the flu and unwilling to spend the morning in the cold rain, so RMNB buds Nour H. and Lindsey N. pinched in to capture the event for me via photos. Thanks, ladies.

Alan May

Alan May spaces out for a second, worrying about how much better Joe B’s ties are than his.

Peter Bondra signs a kid's jersey.

Bonzai signs a jersey while we desperately try not to caption the guy at right.

Peter Bondra in perfect juxtaposition with the mites and their little goal.

Bondra got along well with all of the kids except the one with an Adam Oates-style stick.

Peter Bondra dekes past a mite.

Immediately following this play, Chris Simon ended the season of that player in white.

Peter Bondra plays hockey with kids.

Lindsey and Nour with the very classy Bondra butt shot.

Peter Bondra and Alan May skate with little kids. Adorable.

Wow, that’s a really pretty place to play hockey.

Peter Bondra goes for the puck.

Slashing clinic, apparently.

Alan May and Peter Bondra chat right beside the doors of Panera Bread.

May and Bondra ponder orders at Panera. May got the Frontega, Bondra the chicken noodle soup in a sourdough bread bowl.

Alan May passes to Bonzai

Goalie kid is way out the crease. Bondra and May are going to make him pay for that one.

Who let this kid onto the ice?


Alan May gets interviewed by Guerin Austin

Alan May chats with Guerin Austin about his Frontega chicken sandwich and what the eighties were like.

  • Nour Hijazi


  • Lindsey

    The captions are the best.

  • Jessica M.

    Nah, the kid goalie will be fine. He’s just emulating Braden Holtby.

    Thanks for the pictures! I wish I could have gone, Reston Town Center is practically around the corner from me, but I was recovering from a stomach bug myself. Hope you’re feeling better, Ian!

  • CapsFan

    OK, Alan May looks like a Vulcan (not a dis) but pourquoi Voldemort? If this is what a RMNB meltdown looks like, do not read the paean to all things Crosby in today’s Wall Street Journal. Your head will go all asplody.

  • Salvatore

    So cool that May still has his original Caps jersey

  • DarkStranger44


    It appears you don’t live far from me. I was actually there — and made it into one of the pics. Enjoyed meeting Alan May.

  • Goat

    Very cool pics, and great captions. Nice to have a fun post given the last few days.

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  • Bmartsching

    Obviously I’m way behind but great pics and better captions.
    Thankfully Simon let the kid in white (my son) live.