Make it Seven: Ducks beat Caps 2-1

The Caps lose their 7th straight

Photo credit: Greg Fiume

(Photo by Greg Fiume)

Celebrating BL21's netter (Photo by Greg Fiume)

No jokes. Nothing cute. The Washington Capitals, deep into a slump, host the Anaheim adjective-less Ducks in a regular season game with a lot of additional gravity. Our hopes are high, our loins girded, our hearts full.

Here comes the arm.

Brooks Laich first marked up the board with a chip-in off of John Carlson during a first period powerplay. In the second, the oddly vowelled Joffrey Lupul put a bounce in the net– also while on powerplay. And it stayed that way until overtime, when Ryan Getzlaf escaped John Carlson’s coverage to wrist the game winner past Semyon Varlamov. Ducks beat Caps 2-1 (OT).

  • Brooks Laich was the Caps best player by a mile. Scoring Washington’s only goal from within traffic, he led the offensive charge on every shift. He nearly scored the game-winner, a slow treacle from Hiller’s behind, but Ryan Getzlaf swatted it away. Laich’s 7 shots led the team, fitting for the player whose media quotes over the last few days were the hockey equivalent of FDR’s fireside chats.
  • Alex Ovechkin‘s Russian Machine is not broken, but it may have been sabotaged. Ringing the post on a signature breakaway? That’s not bad luck; that’s cosmic malice.
  • BBBB (Bench Boss Bruce Boudreau) did something odd tonight– matching the checking line of Laich-Steckel-Bradley up against Anaheim’s top line.
  • Welcome back to the active duty, Mike Green. I see you’ve missed the game, as you were on ice for half of this one.
  • The first period was a barnburner for the Caps, recording 17 shots on net. Those numbers are unsustainable perhaps, but it is certainly evidential of a focused team. The latter half probably suffered from lack of that effort.
  • Who is at fault for the OTGWG: John Carlson; Scott Hannan; or Loki, the god of mischief? (Hint: we don’t care.)

Let’s not go crazy, everybody. We’re all bummed out, and Lord Voldemort is still up in the masthead creeping us out, but this will not last. This will not last. The Capitals were an offensive factory tonight, leading in shots 32 to 24 (We will update with scoring chances when Neil’s data are available), and soon you’ll see that effort manifest in a final score.

We’re gonna be alright, but we’ve got to power through the next few days of blowhard columnists and humorless humorists waxing assholic about our team. But Saturday will be on us before you know it. Up to Boston with us and onward to victory.

  • Colin

    I don’t think SOGs are an accurate portrayal of a team’s offensive output, necessarily. It’s about quality chances. Caps had some tonight, but slappers and wristers from long range are largely useless when they come 1) before other O players enter the zone 2) with no one crashing the net. And you’re doing yourself a disservice as a team when you expend all your energy in the first period and only net a single goal. In the third, the Caps dropped back into some kind of trapping zone and played with no offensive aggression. This team is in trouble at the moment, and I wish more folks–meaning fans, players and coaches–would just admit it. They can escape this awful losing streak for sure. But first you have to acknowledge and address more openly your obvious deficiencies.

  • cbl

    Good recap. But the Laich goal was not a PP. Just an even strength marker. It seems like this team played better in the first (not quite well enough, but better. But they totally tanked once Ovie rang the post and played the rest of the game like they were afraid to lose instead of a as a team that expected to win.

  • Peter Hassett

    Thanks, cbl.


  • DarkStranger44

    I now feel sorry for the fan on Japers Rink who vowed before Saturday’s game that if the Caps did not win any of their next three games in regulation, he would wear a Crosby jersey to the Caps-Pens game on Dec 23. So now he has to wear a Crosby jersey. Ouch.

    Yes, Bruce was trying to bring back the magic of Bradley/Steckel/Laich which had worked vs the Rangers in the playoffs of 2009. And resurrected the old Chimera, Perreault Fehr line which was good last November/December. But no luck. (And now Chimmer/Perreault/Fehr is our 2nd line when it used to be our third.)

  • Mia

    The only thing worse than this loss was watching the HBO 24/7 episode afterwards.


    Did anyone notice that they played Band of Horses’ the Funeral during the episode when they were showing a Caps game?

  • Joel

    Do we know how to crash the net? Knuble, do your job, sit in-front of the net and put the cheap one away! And does anyone else feel like we need Fleishmann back? Somehow, in some way, that fella is the glue who kept us together. Since Mo-vember, we have looked like poop.

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  • dominic

    Well, it would be fitting to break our streak against the bruins. Whether or not we’ll do it is doubtful, but just like with my beloved Orioles, No matter how bad things get, I always tune in to watch. Thick and Thin.

  • DaveZ

    It’s a shame. Any other night and I would have been “satisfied” with this loss. We worked hard and seemed to not get *as* discouraged as we have in previous games when the other team scored. You could tell there was still a lot of frustration, but it’s starting to look like once we get the monkey off of our back, a lot of things will fall into place at once.

    What I didn’t enjoy was the deplorable way that Boudreau represented the organization during the subsequent 24/7 episode. I have no issue whatsoever with cursing, believe me, but when a team is obviously disheartened and emotionally lost, cursing at them for 10 minutes isn’t going to do anything but make matters worse, in my opinion. It’s embarrassing to watch him try to string together a coherent sentence/keep himself clean, and you know everyone who hates us watched that hour of TV and lost a little more respect for the organization.


    On to Boston! Where Tim Thomas’s scalp will make an excellent slump-breaking trophy.

    If we can win up there – we should be looking at a good 3 game winning streak to take us into our first match against the team-that-shall-not-be-named.

    Optimistic I know – but its snowing – so to hell with bad moods…

  • ha

    “waxing assholic”

    That’s just all kinds of awesome.

  • BobbyG

    The Sens and Devils games are definitely winnable (knock on wood, but so were the games against the Panthers and Leafs). If somehow the Caps can solve Tim Thomas, there just might be a different tone to the second episode of HBO’s 24/7. We already know the Pens have lost two straight, to the Flyers and Rangers, so their side of the story won’t be as one-sided happy-go-lucky as episode 1. Bring it on.

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