HBO 24/7: A Cameo of Sorts for One Fan

Ellen's Alex Ovechkin Doll

Okay, this story is too cool to spoil. Guest writer Ellen T. is a Caps fan with an talent for arts and a thing for the Alex Ovechkin. We’ll let her take it from there.

Two years ago, before the first Caps Convention, I found a pattern for a knitted hockey player. Yeah, I know; I’m a 23-year-old girl that knits– cool or lame? Anyway, I thought as a joke I would knit one for my friends, so I knitted a little stuffed Ovechkin.

Adorable, right?

My friends thought it was funny, so they dared me to give the doll to Alex Ovechkin at the Caps Convention when I would get my picture taken with him. I took the doll, and when it was my turn, I nervously said, “hey, I knitted this doll this summer and thought you might like it.” He smiled and accepted it, and then we took the picture. Not ’til later did I realize the doll was in the picture, which was a treat.

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Evgeny Kuznetsov

With Fedor Fedin concentrating full-time on Prospect Watch, RMNB needed a new translator. After a few months of searching, RMNB is finally happy to introduce Igor Kleyner. Igor is a native of St Petersburg, Russia, who transplanted himself to the Washington D.C. area around the same time Peter Bondra came to town in the early nineties. He currently works at Nasa and designs electronics for their spacecraft. Yes, another member of the team that can now beat Peter at Words with Friends.

In Igor’s first translation, he has chosen to share with us a long, revealing interview with Caps 2010 First Round Pick Evgeny Kuznetsov, which was first published by this past Monday and authored by another Igor, Igor Zhukov. The story is entitled “A Hero of our Time,” which apparently is a reference to a novel all Russian Middle Schoolers are forced to read. (These are the details we love knowing.) Anyways, check out Igor’s first translation below!

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