Capitals’ Winter Classic Gear in Action

RMNB Varly Mask (2 of 6)

Editor’s note: Chris Gordon of Caps Snaps once again provides the hook-up. This time it’s the Capitals new gear for the Winter Classic being used at practice. Enjoy! All photos are credited to Caps Snaps.

The Caps took the ice at Kettler Capitals Iceplex on Friday wearing some new digs. The players rocked their Winter Classic uniforms during a hard practice before the team flew to Boston.

The goalies had some something new to show, too: their brand new masks.

RMNB Neuvy Mask (3 of 7)

RMNB Neuvy Mask (2 of 7)

Michal Neuvirth’s mask is similar to the bucket he has sported during his first 22 games of the season. It features an image of a castle from his native Czech Republic on one side, while the reverse sports the Capitol dome and a Bald Eagle. Each side also displays the official Winter Classic logo crashing through a sheet of ice. The top showcases the Caps retro-styled logo, which is to be used for outdoor matchup while the chin of the mask has Neuvirth’s nickname “Neuvy” painted on it.

RMNB Varly Mask (4 of 6)

Semyon Varlamov’s mask is much simpler. The Russian ‘keeper opted not to design the mask himself but rather to leave it up to the artist, Swede David Gunnarsson, who also painted Neuvirth’s new mask. It features a swath of ice ballooning out of the cage and both sides display the same retro Caps logo as his teammate’s mask.

Spelled out on the top of the mask is “Winter Classic” while the chin features the 22 year-old’s nickname “Varly.”

RMNB Varly Mask (1 of 6)Varlamov may have a special mask for the game but he still wants to think of the big match as just another day at the office. “I’ll be treating it a regular game because being a goalie I have to get in that mental state,” he said through a translator, though he acknowledged that won’t be easy.

“I know how important it is to the fans, I know how unique it is to play outside, I know it is a game everybody is looking forward to,” added Varlamov.

Michal Neuvirth clearly was looking forward to the New Year’s Day contest. “It’s going to be the first time [I have ever played outside]. It’s going to be a great experience for everybody on this team,” he said. “It’s going to be an exciting time, that’s for sure”

Much thanks to Slava Malamud of the Russian newspaper Sport Express for his interpreting assistance.

Photo Gallery
Editor’s note: We’re not sure which parts of these unis are for practice and which we’ll see again at the WC.

RMNB Unis (3 of 10)

Alex Ovechkin skates at practice.

RMNB Unis (4 of 10)

Everyone’s favorite hockey blogger, Andrew Gordon, in a grey practice jersey.

RMNB Unis (6 of 10)

Tufts of Matty’s hair flow out of his helmet.

RMNB Unis (7 of 10)

Snazzy pants.

RMNB Unis (9 of 10)

David Steckel in white.

RMNB Unis (10 of 10)

D.J. King and Jason Chimera play-fight. Beagle and Carlson would scrap later as well.

  • Peter Hassett

    Awesome stuff, Chris. Thanks for sharing.

  • The Horn Guy

    Um . . . Varly’s mask looks like something happened to it which one couldn’t suggest in mixed company.

  • Peter Hassett

    Hahahaaha THG. Is there a Japanese word for it?

  • I love the new masks, especially Neuvy’s. I’m a huge fan of Gunnarsson’s work, every mask I’ve seen of his is GORGEOUS.

    Also, I really want a pair of those pants. I’m tempted to mod a pair of normal red pants with that patterning for the Classic. :’D

  • Brad

    you guys get such great pictures! KEEP IT UP

  • Ron

    Curious as to why some of the pants are Reebok, CCM and Easton…is that like that on the regular gear and i just don’t pay attention to it???

    Or did the manufacturers want their stuff on their guys in this game?

  • Peter Hassett

    Ron, I think that’s might be a side effect of the pants being practice gear.

  • Ryan

    I think it is fairly common for different players to wear different company’s gear. These are not practice pants and helmets, these are what they are wearing for the winter classic. The idea behind wearing them for practice is to have them broken in and comfortable for game time instead of putting on brand new equipment. If you look a little closer it’s not just pants but also sticks, gloves and helmets. Some players have preferences as to what gear they like based on what they have always worn and some may have deal with these companys to wear their stuff on the ice. I have noticed this before with some other teams and players. Check out that picture of Steckel, everything he is wearing is made by easton

  • Dru


    just like their gloves and helmets they normally wear are usually let up to the player. They probably wont have any matching brand pants or gloves for this. Color wise they’ll match but not by manufacturer.

  • @Ron, Peter – Bauer, CCM, Reebok, Easton and Warrior all make pants for the games with their logos on them.

    See the bottom left of this picture of Ovi:

  • Brandon

    Neuvy definitely wins better Classic mask.

  • Sharon

    Gordo!!!!!!! Looking good in that caps jersey!!!! We miss you in hershey!!! So proud of you keep up the hard work!!!!!

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