You’re a Wizard, Ovi!

To commemorate the death of Voldemort, here is Alex Ovechkin/Harry Potter, as drawn by RMNB’s artist-in-residence, Rachel Cohen.

Alex Ovechkin is a wizard


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  • Peter Hassett

    Thinking I should have made it “Yer a Wizard” instead of “You’re.” Will have to check the original text.

  • DarkStranger44

    This is the team that’s compared to Harry Potter and his friends. Ovi compared to HP, as shown above. Semin compared to Weasley, in appearance although his hair’s not quite as red. And late last week, it turns out that Marcus Johansson was part of the Harry Potter line on his Swedish team at one point in his life due to his resemblance to Harry Potter (although he’s since ditched the glasses obviously.

  • Abhi

    I like the hockey puck snitch

  • barb

    now picturing harry with ovie’s missing tooth and five-‘o-clock shadow. or ovie in harry’s glasses! thanks for the great mash-up! 🙂

  • That. Is. AWESOME! And it needs to be a T-shirt now.

  • Robbie1299

    Thanks for ruining part of the movie for me!

  • in response to DarkStranger44, it used to be that Fleischmann could be Ron, if you want to go off of the hair color!

    Also, not to insult this picture, but it kind of looks like this could be any guy on the team, yet the only major Ovechkin characteristic is the gap-tooth and perhaps the hair. However, I do like the touch of the hockey stick shaped scar.

  • Rockin’ The Red in VA

    The drawing is sweet, but in other news. . .I just got two tickets to Thursday’s game! FOR FREE, Christmas came early

    Thank you for allowing me to gloat

  • BobbyG

    Awesome work as usual Rachel!

    @IRockTheRed: we think alike, my first fhought was T-shirt too!

    @Rockin’ The Red in VA: if I was in your position and had tickets to the Pens game on Thursday, I’d gloat too. Live up to your username and Rock the Red on behalf of all Caps fans who can’t be there in person!

  • This fills my nerdy hockey heart with joy.

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