• Nour

    this is some A1 shizz

  • Awesome again!

  • BobbyG

    LMAO! Another awesome ditty Peter!

    Bleepin’ crossbar, bleepin’ post…ROFL!

    One thing, though–couldn’t you find something to rhyme with Crosby’s lucky cup?

  • Natasha

    Nice job again, Peter! Funny as always.

  • Katie

    My roommate said the SAME thing about Arturs after we paused it in a laughing fit.

  • Danny R

    great song

    any chance whoever makes the .gifs can make one of bradley fist-pumping?

  • Ian

    There are no words for how much I enjoy these.

  • Brad

    As much as i love the capitals as a whole, i must say after watching the 1st episode that Dan Bylsma is a better coach than Bruce Boudreau