Merry Christmas from Russian Machine Never Breaks

No matter what you believe in, have a lovely weekend. On behalf of Neil, Ian, Rachel, and the extended RMNB/SHOE family, I wish you peace on Earth and goodwill towards men. Except on the ice. There we’d prefer wanton violence and arbitrary hatred to reign.


And now… the Machinist.

Stuff That Was Totally Popular This Week

  1. Capitals Winter Classic Gear in Action
    Chris Gordon, aka Caps Snaps, has some lovely photos of the WC duds at practice. Plus: playfighting!
  2. HBO 24/7: a Cameo of Sorts for One Fan
    Ellen’s knit doll from concept to execution to universal fame upon Ovechkin’s bookshelf.
  3. Anatomy of a Losing Streak
    Carefully cataloging the Capitals carnage.

Noteworthy Items That Merit Your Precious Attention

  1. How to Guarantee a Caps Win
    Neil proves that converting 1 out of 4 scoring chances makes the W a lock.
  2. Peter’s Review of HBO 24/7, Week Two
    The guitar cost $30.
  3. Keith Jones Rips Alex Semin, Questions Work Ethic
    Possibly nearing the end of their NHL license, Versus grows desperate. Picking on Sasha, with the injuries and flu and all? Not cool, Keith.
  4. Prospect Watch: Eakin is WHL and CHL Player of the Week
    The ginger is coming. The ginger is coming.
  5. You’re a Wizard, Ovi!
    We need like 10x more Rachel Cohen illustrations on this site.
  6. Andrew Gordon Talks about his First NHL Goal
    The Hero of Halifax dishes dirt on beating Marty Brodeur.

Game Recaps That Aren’t Totally Tragic For Once

  • Bruins 3, Capitals 2If the Capitals played that hard in every period, we wouldn’t be looking at Voldemort or James Van Der Beek right now.
  • Capitals 3, Senators 2You are free to rock the red, use letters of varying cases, and socialize with redheads again.
  • Capitals 5, Devils 1It’s the quality of the shot that matters more. And if you can measure the shot distance in inches, that’s even better.
  • Penguins 3, Capitals 2 (SO)When you don’t have a camera literally under the ice to show this, there’s nothing the referees can do.
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  • Dawn

    Merry Christmas everyone! May you have a wonderful day and dreams of slaughtering the Penguins at the Winter Classic next Saturday. 😀

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