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I wrote a WaPo article discussing the emergence of Matty P, and fat_daddyo from Japers’ Rink asked me to compare the games where Matty P records a point to the games where he doesn’t. My first thought was the chances would be the same since the Caps have been pretty consistent during the year as a whole since it was their conversion rate (goals scored off of chances) that plummeted (from ~18% to ~6%) during their losing streak.

Perreault’s Production Games TOI SCF SCA GF SC% Convert% SCF/15
without a point 7 93.9 31 27 2 53.4% 6.5% 5.0
with a point 3 37.7 22 3 7 88.0% 31.8% 8.8

In the three games where Perreault has recorded a point this season, he has been on the ice for 3 chances against. Total. This means the Caps are seeing almost 9 out of every 10 scoring chances go in their favor when MP85 is firing on all cylinders.  Think about that for a moment. In the three games where he has a point, his defense is so stingy that he is on the ice for one chance against per game. When he doesn’t come away with a point, they are just slightly above even.

The first thing I checked was the quality of competition MP85 is playing against, which has been about middle of the pack for results (QUALCOMP), but way towards the bottom for shots directed at net (Corsi Rel QoC).

Then I went back and looked at his most common linemates during the three games where he had points:

ATL – Semin & Laich

TOR – Semin & Laich

OTT – Knuble & Laich

Perhaps Perry is just making the most of his above-average linemates and below-average competition. Perhaps when he is “on,” he is ON. It’s too soon to tell, but it’s something we at RMNB will be keeping an eye on towards the second half of the season.

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