Alex Ovechkin holds Alex Semin's Niece

After Caps practice concluded today, players and team members were treated to a free skate in which they could bring their friends and family onto the ice. The one person who seemed to have the most fun was none other than Alex Ovechkin, who celebrated the Russian New Year on the Winter Classic ice at 4pm.

Ovi began the free skate by pulling his non-hockey-playing brother Mikhail along with a stick. Next, he set his sights for Alex Semin’s young niece and gave her a trek across the ice on top of his shoulders. After noticing a few kids throwing a football around, Ovechkin got into the action and threw the ball to the kids the entire length of the ice. Several times the bouncing football almost hit one of the NHL Network’s reporters on live TV. Finally, Ovechkin concluded his skate by giving George McPhee’s son, Graham, a wedgie we’re sure he’ll remember for life.

Since we figured you’d want to actually see all of this, the photos and video are below the jump. Enjoy.

Ovi has fun with his brother.

Here's how you do it Mikhail

Mikhail loses balances. Ovi laughs.

Alex Ovechkin skates with Alex Semin’s Niece.

Cute moment: Ovi skates around with one of Alex Semin's relatives

Ovi plays football with the kids.

Alex Ovechkin throws a football

Ovi throws football

Alex Ovechkin spins the football on the ice

Alex Ovechkin has some fun with kids

Ovechkin delivers a wedgie to GMGM’s son.

Alex Ovechkin gives GMGM's son a nice gift for New Year's

Alex goes for it

and succeeds

Bonus! Video of Ovi epicly taking to the Winter Classic Ice for the first time this morning.

  • BobbyG

    Thanks for posting the pics and videos Ian. I was wondering who the dark haired young lady is riding on Ovie’s back, and who is the guy on the receiving end of Ovie’s wedgie. How great was it for Mike Green’s friend proposing to his girlfriend on the ice too!

    It looks like Ovie and the rest of the Caps had a great time today. Let’s hope they CAP this off with a win in the Winter Classic tomorrow.


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