• Manda

    “Disco Dan’s fedora. Eric Fehr’s gonna score some more-a”. Well done.

  • Peter Hassett

    It’s not a GREAT rhyme, but it’s late.

  • Ian

    I find that this song is most enjoyable while staring at this photo http://twitpic.com/3neqs3 and periodically fist-pumping.

  • KB

    this is relevant to my interests!
    i’ll need a reprise of ‘bleep this bleepsburgh team’ if/when the ravens play the steelers again in the playoffs.

  • Haha, awesome again! Ur gud at musac.

  • BobbyG

    @Peter: another awesome musical review. Did I miss something, because I don’t recall seeing/hearing a review of Episode 3?

    @Ian: the photo is priceless! Ovie summed up in a handful of words the attitude of most Caps fans toward their hated rivals and their entire city!