The Machinist: January 7, 2011

We’ve passed by the holidays, but the Winter Classic is still in our rear mirrors. Peter, for example, has yet to find anything interesting to write about it that someone else hasn’t already written. But here we stand, facing down a gauntlet of hockey games before the All-Star break.

Traffic is up 120%, which is insane. Ovechkin should do two commercials a week every week. Goal for this year is to beat Facebook.

Recommended with prejudice: SHOE’s guide to AHL All-star voting

The Three Most Popular Articles of the Week

  1. Alex Ovechkin’s New Commercial: the Ovechtrick!
    Aaaaaaand we’ve got the t-shirt.
  2. The 2011 Winter Classic in Photos
    Aptly capturing the spectacle of the day.
  3. NHLer for a Day: One Fan versus Alex Ovechkin
    As if Jerry Moxley weren’t already a hero to his daughters.

It Would Behoove You to Read These Articles

  1. Could An Ovechtrick Actually Happen?
    My favorite post of the week. Neil cannot rule out the Ovechtrick as a possibility.
  2. Peter’s Review of HBO 24/7 Capitals/Penguins, Week Four
    I missed episode 3 while on IR, but I screeched and moaned through the grand finale.
  3. Alex Ovechkin Skates with Alex Semin’s Niece, Plays Football with Kids, and Gives an Atomic Wedgie To George McPhee’s Son
    Ian abuses our lack of a blog post titles length limit.
  4. Video: Alex Ovechkin & Semyon Varlamov’s New SportsCenter Ad
    “Late-night filing” is your new all-purpose excuse.
  5. Video: Alex Semin Sheepishly Admits to Having Girlfriend
    Alyonka Larionov gets the quiet Beatle to fess up.
  6. Capitals Almost Back To Normal
    All praise Carlzner and the trap. Now it’s time to SCOAR.
  7. Caps Pens Alumni Game Ends in 5-5 Tie, Peter Bondra Nets GTG
    CSN Washington needs to post the video of Alan May mic’d up at this game. Priceless.
  8. Can Star Players Turn It On In The Playoffs?
    The numbers are kind of a bummer here.  Almost everyone is a disappointment in the post-season.

Game Recaps

  • Capitals 3, Penguins 1Mike Knuble is the old, yellow horse glue that keeps this team together.
  • Capitals 0, Lightning 1 —  Expectations are like raindrops rolling smoothly off the freshly waxed hood of the sports car that is Sasha Minor

A pretty terrific week overall, probably the biggest in the site’s history. The Caps weren’t too shabby either, but the denizens of the phone booth yearn for free wings.

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