Wisdom Beyond Their Years

Mike Green signing autographs

I believe the children are our future, so when I was at Kettler for Saturday’s practice I asked some of them, “What’s wrong with the Caps?

“They’ve been losing.” – Sam, 7 1/2 years old

It doesn’t take decades to get wisdom, it takes seven and a half years. They have been losing. We all remember the eight game losing streak this year and through 45 games last season they only had 12 losses. This season they have 14. That’s almost 17% more, which is unacceptable. Start winning or Sam and I are looking for a new team.

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John Carlson’s 21st Birthday Party at RFD

John Carlson takes a drink at his birthday party at RFD

Defenseman John Carlson turned 21 earlier this week. To celebrate, he and a few hundred of his friends gathered at RFD following tonight’s dismal loss to the Canucks. Though the mood was somewhat subdued, the partygoers report having a great time and RMNB readers’ Suzanne W. and Sarah M. have submitted the following as evidence.

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The Machinist: January 14, 2010

Tough week.

Most Read Posts This Week

  1. A Special Birthday Cake For John Carlson’s 21st
    After Nour’s success with the cake, expect to see a confectionary clustereff at RFD tonight.
  2. Caps Care Casino Night, Year Two
    Emily dons a dress and hangs out with the boys for a good cause. Great photos, too.
  3. Evgeny Kuznetsov: “Next Up is the Stanley Cup”
    Igor hooks us up with two interviews that reveal Kuz is not wanting for confidence.

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