John Carlson’s 21st Birthday Party at RFD

John Carlson takes a drink at his birthday party at RFD

Defenseman John Carlson turned 21 earlier this week. To celebrate, he and a few hundred of his friends gathered at RFD following tonight’s dismal loss to the Canucks. Though the mood was somewhat subdued, the partygoers report having a great time and RMNB readers’ Suzanne W. and Sarah M. have submitted the following as evidence.


John Carlson apologizes for tonight’s loss.

The RFD crowd sings Happy Birthday.

Carlson promises Elliot in the Morning that the next time that they stand together on top of the bar, they’ll be drinking champagne from the Stanley Cup.


John Carlson and Elliot Segal on top of the bar at RFD

John Carlson and Elliot Segal from Elliot in the Morning

John Carlson on top of the bar at RFD

John Carlson about to drink his first beer on stage at RFD with Elliot in the Morning

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