The Machinist: January 21, 2011

This week we created the Russian Machine tumblr site. We promise never to post anything not completely pointless there. Hop on over, giggle at silly photoshop jobs, and carry on with your day.

219 people reached the site looking for Ovechtrick, and all of them were disappointed. 27 people were looking for Charissa Thompson, and I guess they took a wrong turn somewhere.

SHOE alert: Do yourself a favor and read Kathryn’s recap of Hershey’s shutout SHOOTOUT (my bad!) loss to Lake Erie. Kyle’s photo of Holtby pouting in the paint is priceless.

Now, let’s do the Machinist.

Posts That Have Already Infested Your Soul

  1. The RMNB Alternative to NHL Guardian ‘The Capital’
    Bask in the glory of Rachel and Ian’s D.C.-themed superhero.
  2. John Carlson’s 21st Birthday Party at RFD
    The beatdown Vancouver delivered sort of tainted JC74’s big day, but our grainy video and washed out photos captured people having fun anyway.
  3. Not Another Goalie Post
    This dispatch in Greenberg’s series on Arturs Irbe’s mad experiment finds him jumping the fence over to #TeamVarly.

Posts That Want To Infest Your Soul Should You Allow It

  1. Wisdom Beyond Their Years
    Okay, here’s the story behind this one. We’re waiting for Ian at Kettler, and Neil’s playing with his audio recorder. He says, “Hey, I’m gonna go interview all these kids and ask them what’s wrong the Caps.” The rest is history. And journalistic GOLD.
  2. Last Goalie Post. Promise.
    Everyone’s got an opinion on Varly vs. Neuvy, but Neil drives the conversation with some truly brilliant statistical analysis and his best-in-the-business data set.

Game Recaps

We’re debuting a new column later, and your participation is mandatory. Have a good weekend.

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  • Lindsay

    *Bears’ SHOOT-OUT loss… not shutout! Awful mistake. I was feeling terrible for the boys for a moment!

  • Peter Hassett

    Thanks, Lindsay. Fixed!

  • LOVE that there’s now a tumblr and that RMNB is taking over the internet!

  • BobbyG

    Dazey2 is correct. With a tumblr added to its empire, RMNB is now poised for blogosphere world domination. Resistance is futile! 🙂