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Last week we opened up our lines for reader questions. To be totally frank, they’ve been way beyond our expectations. Didn’t know you had it in you; keep ’em coming!

Now pipe down and pay attention, cause Neil’s about to drop some science on you fools.

Carrie S. writes up about the fashion choices of CSN’s Joe Beninati and Craig Laughlin:

It seems like Craig and Joe B’s outfits are always color-coordinated. You never see one of them wearing a black/grey/blue color family and the other wearing brown/tan/green. As a viewer, I appreciate this no-clashing practice, but wonder: Is it a policy? Does the network tell them what colors to wear? Do they figure it out themselves? Is it purely serendipitous luck?

As you can tell from the suit-of-the-night feature, we at RMNB take Joe B’s fashion very seriously. Not our own (as you can tell from our t-shirts), but Joe B’s apparel is a big deal for us. Just for you, I am going to break out the old Magnificent Monte Carlo Machine and see what the chances are it is pure luck that they look good.

Joe B. has shown a wide variety of suit/tie combos, so if we assume he and Locker have access to 12 main color combinations at any one time the chances that they BOTH find something color-coordinated by random chance is .069% or 145 to 1. Long odds, so I say it is definitely coordinated.

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C.N. wants to know about Roman entertainment:

Do you like movies about gladiators?

Have you ever been in a Turkish prison?

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John K. ventures into the dangerous intersection of hockey and love:

Do any of you think you could date a Penguins fan?  I’ve been having fun with one for a few weeks, and now she’s decided that she’s looking for more of a commitment from me.  I’m just not sure I can commit to a girl who owns a Sidney Crosby jersey and was wondering if that was something you guys thought you could ever get past.

First off, this is the type of thing that should come out during the courting process. Before I met my current girlfriend, I always added a line to my Craigslist ads that said “Do you like movies about gladiators?” “What’s your favorite hockey team?” I have an auto-filter set up so that if they come back with “Pittsburgh” it is automatically deleted and I don’t know what I am missing.

That said, here is my advice: If she’s hot nice, smart, and has a great– uh… personality, then you can probably get by so long as you don’t watch games together. Try to look at it as her love of the game and not as her love of the Pens.

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Some guy named Peter H. wants to know about Braden Holtby:

By my crude math, Holtby is at .967 Sv% (87 for 90) on his recent stint. Teeny tiny sample, but still impressive as [heck]. What do your data say on the matter?

Based on his 174 shots faced for the season we can calculate his margin of error, which tells us with 95% certainty Holtby’s “real save percentage based on ability” is somewhere between .865 and .951. So he is either Andrew Raycroft or Vesa Toskala. In other words, way too soon to tell.

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If you’ve got a question for RMNB about collective bargaining agreements, animal husbandry, nutrition, or head shots, just Feed the Machine. We’ll get back to you.

  • I discussed with a few friends about dating a rival team fan. One friend offered up that she would indeed date a Steelers fan (she’s a huge Ravens fan) over a guy who didn’t like football at all, because at least they’d share the ….passion. I think this is fair. Maybe it’s not ideal to date someone who takes sides with the enemy, but at least you can have fun teasing each other about their team failing (Pens) during games.

  • Caitlin

    I tried dating a Pens fan once… He brought a terrible towel to the bar when we were watching the Caps play the Devils right before the 1rst Pens game & the Winter Classic… that was our last date.

  • Lindsey

    I dated a Pens fan once, he was great and everything was going well until the playoffs. Didn’t last too long after that.. We’re still friends though!

  • Rockin’ The Red in VA

    Love the Toskala / Raycroft comment! And personally I don’t feel confident in my abilities to “sleep with the enemy” Just my $0.02

    Go Caps!

  • Snow-Ape

    I think that dating is a lot like trades… You don’t do it inside the division, and you do whatever you can to avoid making trades inside of the conference. Rivalries are collectively off limits, however, they present an opportunity for fan conversion… covert, subliminal messages on the whining nature of your significant others “superstar” may bear fruit… The only thing better than dating an existing fan of your home team is converting a former fan from a rivalry…

  • Mel

    Just think of the bets and terms that could come from dating a rival fan. Keeps things… fresh.

  • Ian

    Nuff’ said

  • The Bears once had an in-game skit where a Bears fan is out on a date with this woman. They go to the Park, Chocolate World, Hershey Lodge, and then a Bears game. When the sit down she takes off her jacket and shows she is wearing a WBS Pens jersey. The guy takes 1 look at her, knocks her beer out of her hand and leaves. That’s just shows when you meet your date the first thing you should say is “Hi, I’m *your name*. If you say your a pens fan, I’m gone”

  • The Horn Guy

    I could never, ever date a Pens fan. Never.

  • jenn

    i’m a buckeye, and it really, truly goes a little something like this:

    puck fittsburgh.

  • judy

    Dating involves a lot of personal preference. That said, I could never date a pens fan. My personal preference is NOT for whiney little girlie men that have to perform certain favors for high ranking NHL officials in order to “win” the cup! So I couldn’t date a fan of such men.