Alex Ovechkin swings at the puck

Ovi swings with the knob of his stick during the Breakaway Challenge. (Photo credit: Kevin C. Cox)

Alex Ovechkin won his third straight Breakaway Challenge title tonight at the 2010-11 NHL SuperSkills Competition. How did he win it? With an unbelievable series of moves in his second and fourth attempts. In his second breakaway, Ovechkin smoothly juggled the puck in mid-air from center ice. He then knocked the puck up high up to himself, switched the position of his twig, and then swung with butt end of his stick. In his fourth and final attempt, Ovi dribbled the puck down the ice with the knob of his stick, went to his knees, got back up, and then went backhand on Marc-Andre Fleury. After he scored, Ovi sheathed his stick Chi Chi Rodriquez style as players from both benches laughed and banged their sticks against the ice. Ovechkin had a giant smile on his face the entire time.

When asked about his moves, Ovechkin replied, “I’m so excited right now, I can’t remember.” Fair enough.

Ovi and Green’s Team Staal defeated Team Lidstrom tonight 33 to 22. Below the jump, we have video of Ovechkin’s breakaway attempts and the other most noteable Capital moments of the night.

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A playful Alex Ovechkin hit up the red carpet before tonight’s 2011 NHL SuperSkills competition and spoke briefly with NHL Network’s Heidi Androl. Heidi, who seemed preoccupied with Ovechkin’s lax wardrobe, pointed out to the Russian Machine that he was missing a tie and cufflinks. Ovechkin, beaming with pride, encouraged her to check out his cuffs saying, “Look. I didn’t even do my button.” Oh man, vintage Ovi.

The Machinist: January 29, 2011

The Machinist has been moved to Saturdays to accommodate Neil’s springboard to his new advice-column career, Feed the Machine.

What happened this week? Yeah, we picked up photog supreme, Chris “Caps Snaps” Gordon, but the real big news is our Facebook “LIKE” button! Russian Machine is slowly wrapping its greasy tentacles around every corner of your social media world.

It’s All-star weekend, baby, I’m about to have me some fun. Let’s do the Machinist.

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Though they missed their scheduled morning flight out to Raleigh, Capitals’ All-Stars Mike Green and Alex Ovechkin arrived just in the knick of time for the NHL’s first ever All-Star Fantasy Draft. For Caps’ fans, the most notable moment of the draft occurred in the second round, when MG52 announced Team Staal’s selection of Ovechkin with the third overall pick. With a big grin, the Russian Machine made his way up to the stage, embraced Green, and proudly put on the fourth all-star jersey of his young career. Photos of the night can be seen below.

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