The Machinist: January 29, 2011

The Machinist has been moved to Saturdays to accommodate Neil’s springboard to his new advice-column career, Feed the Machine.

What happened this week? Yeah, we picked up photog supreme, Chris “Caps Snaps” Gordon, but the real big news is our Facebook “LIKE” button! Russian Machine is slowly wrapping its greasy tentacles around every corner of your social media world.

It’s All-star weekend, baby, I’m about to have me some fun. Let’s do the Machinist.

Democratically Elected Posts for the Week

  1. Should We Be Concerned About Brooks Laich?
    No. I saw Brooksy at Front Page a few weeks ago, and I think he had the French Dip. Rest easy, everyone.
  2. Is $6.7M for Alex Semin a Good Deal?
    Neil uses Sasha’s projected performance to reach a verdict on GMGM’s latest purchase. 
  3. Prospect Watch: Russians Win WJC, Eakin Gets Traded
    Fedor documents Cody Eakin’s super-duper trade and the Ruskies big win at WJC.

Insurgent Posts Demanding Your Attention

  1. Matt Hendricks Brings Grit, Grime, Dekes to the Caps
    New RMNBer Chris Gordon talks to Hendy about how to be awesome.
  2. Feed The Machine: Fashion, Penguins Fan Romance, and Holtby
    Neil talks to readers about the burning questions of the day. Also, gladiator movies.
  3. Prospect Watch Extra: Caps Prospects Shine in 2011 WJC
    A collection of compelling media displaying the future Caps’ victories at junior champs.

Game Recaps

Have a great weekend, y’all!

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