The Caps Go Bowling For Charity

Caps Bowling (12 of 31)

The Caps may have had trouble scoring lately, but on Saturday afternoon players were racking up scores by the hundreds. Then again, the game was bowling. Karl Alzner, Matt Bradley, Jason Chimera, Eric Fehr, Boyd Gordon, Matt Hendricks, DJ King, Mike Knuble, Jeff Schultz, David Steckel, Brooks Laich–plus their wives, girlfriends, and children–took part in “Bowling with the Caps” at Lucky Strike Lanes in downtown DC. The event was all for charity, raising over $60,000 for the Chris Walsh Cancer Survivorship Fund at Virginia Hospital Center.

It was a great time,” Hendricks said. “It’s a lot of fun to get out there and mingle with the fans for a good cause.”

Hendricks’ bowling caught the eye of Schultz who questioned whether his teammate might have had too much spare time growing up.

“Hendy looks pretty good. Must be the only thing they have to do in Minnesota is bowl,” said Schultz, who admitted that he isn’t nearly as good. “My bowling is brutal. I didn’t have too high expectations because I don’t bowl at all. Ever. But it’s fun, though.”

Another standout was David Steckel, who is known to be quite the Wii bowler.

Like Schultz, Alzner conceded that he should probably stick to hockey.

“I’d be having more fun if I was a good bowler,” he said, adding that the last time he bowled was back in British Columbia. “Just a few nights when we were bored, had nothing to do back home. Just throwing balls down the lane. Halfway through the game, I’d start throwing with my opposite hand just because I can’t bowl. Yeah, I’m not that good.”

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Jason Chimera with his son.

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Chimera signs an autograph.

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Boyd Gordon and Fehr sign a jersey.

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Jeff Schultz, Gordon, Fehr and Chimera sign for the fans.

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Matt Bradley signs a hat and appears to be showing no damage from Friday’s fight.

Caps Bowling (7 of 31)

Matt Hendricks smiles for the camera.

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Slapshot takes a shot at bowling.

Caps Bowling (9 of 31)

Jeff Schultz bowls.

Caps Bowling (10 of 31)

Chimera’s son bowls. Jason picked up an assist.

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Matt Hendricks leisurely bowls.

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Slapshot entertains Chimera and his son.

Caps Bowling (15 of 31)

Not sure this is the best form for Karl Alzner.

Caps Bowling (17 of 31)


Caps Bowling (20 of 31)

Alzner signs a bowling pin for a fan.

Caps Bowling (22 of 31)

Awwwwwwww: part two.

Caps Bowling (23 of 31)

Alzner’s fiancée Mandy made some lovely cupcakes.

Caps Bowling (24 of 31)

Hendricks gets into it.

Caps Bowling (26 of 31)

Chimera’s son is awesome.

Caps Bowling (27 of 31)

But his dad thinks he can do better.

Caps Bowling (28 of 31)

The camera loves Alzner. Yes, that’s Miss Virginia in the background.

Caps Bowling (29 of 31)

This little guy was awarded a Penguins hat for bowling the lowest score.

Caps Bowling (30 of 31) (1 of 1)

Mike Knuble auctions off a team signed Winter Classic jersey which ended up going for $1,300.

Caps Bowling (31 of 31) (1 of 1)

The Caps present a check for $25,000.

  • Looks like such a fun event!

    …Bowling is probably the only sport I think I could ever beat these guys at. :’D

  • Elyssa

    I can’t wait to see Brads like that with his own son too! Our players have some really adorable kids. Where was Knuble’s brood? Lol they were all there for the Winter Classic, I would’ve thought they’d have a blast at something like bowling 🙂

  • Jamie Weaver

    Had a great time bowling with the guys. Unlike what Shultz said he bowled very well. He bowled on our team. Steckel had a wicked curve ball. Hendricks was great at picking up spares.
    You forgot to mention that I won for highest score. LOL!!!

  • @Elyssa – Knuble’s kids were there and might have bowled. They were on the far end of the alley so I couldn’t get any pictures.

  • Staci

    Chimera’s son definitely is one of the most adorable kids ever. I absolutely love that pic of him and dad bent over looking down the lane. So sweet.

  • Sara Bae

    looks so fun! capssnaps is an aammmaazzinnggg photographer!!! AAAH boyd gordon!!! dude, i was in love and think he is a fox and then just saw his teeth for the first time in this article, must..use…white strips.. and…

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  • Mac-daddy

    Got ourselves the tough-guy lineup here eh

  • deann

    Chimera’s kid is just too darn cute. And geez, Miss Virginia — here’s hoping you have some chronic halitosis because you are just too beautiful!

  • Jamie

    Cole (Knuble’s son) and Cale (Chimera’s son) were on David Steckel’s lane. They both are adorable and really good kids. They love to bowl (though Chimera told us it was the first time Cale had bowled). Poor Stecks didn’t get to bowl every frame b/c all the kids were excited to keep bowling and would bowl his turn. If it bothered him you could not tell, he was just seemed to be enjoying his turn.

  • Thanks for sharing your experience, Jamie.