This Ain’t No Puppy Bowl, Caps beat Pens 3-0


Matt Cooke and Alex Ovechkin in happier times. (Photo credit: Mitchell Layton)

Once again the Super Bowl Sunday rendezvous between the  Washington Capitals and Pittsburgh Penguins was a rousing success. Through three periods of hockey, the Caps laid siege to the Penguins’ net and their depleted forces.

Mathieu Perreault won a battle below the goal line to feed Brooks Laich, who was waiting eagerly in Fleury’s paint. His greasy backhander put the Caps up 1-0. On the penalty kill in the second, Marcus Johansson scored perhaps his prettiest goal yet, a no-look backhander. 2-0. Desperate in the third, the Penguins’ offense relented and allowed Mike Knuble the empty netter. Shutouts don’t feel so bad from the other side. Caps beat Pens 3-0.

  • The Capitals offense was persistent and aggressive, tallying 18 scoring chances to Pittsburgh’s seven and denying them any chances in the first period. You can chalk that up to a sturdy defensive unit for the home team, anchored by…
  • mike-green-bleedingMike Green, who pulled the unorthodox block-it-with-your-ear maneuver at the end of the first period.  Green did not return to the ice, but Boudreau didn’t sound too concerned at the post-game. “It’s just day-to-day,” Boudreau said. “He’s got a little bit of a headache. I mean if you get hit in the head with the puck, you’re going to have a headache. We’ll re-evaluate and see how he is tomorrow.”
  • Michal Neuvirth distinguished himself after a lengthy absence from the Washington net. His shutout was assisted competently by the aforementioned D, but his biggest boon might have been the Penguins’ anemic offense, who showed precious little threat without Evgeni Malkin (knee) and Sidney Crosby (Dave Steckel) among them.
  • Speaking of “Danger” Dave Steckel; his rampage through the NHL continues. After leveling an monstrous one hit(s) in regulation and screening Fleury on the short-handed goal, the ever-bellicose Steckel picked a fight with the unassuming Tim Wallace. When will Dirty Dave’s reign of terror end?

  • Everyone’s favorite heel, Matt Cooke, did a great impersonation of himself, kneeing Alex Ovechkin with four minutes remaining. Despite a resemblance to the incident with Tim Gleason that led to Ovechkin’s suspension last year, Cooke received only a humble, two-minute sentence, and that likely won’t be revisited by the league. On the hit, coach Bruce Boudreau commented, “It’s Matt Cooke. Need we say more? It’s not like it’s his first rodeo. He’s done it to everybody. Then he goes to the ref and says, ‘what did I do?’ He knows damn well what he did.” Yep. Cookie is the best there is at what he does, but what he does isn’t very nice.
  • Holy what: John Erskine was on ice for 8 of the Caps 11 even-strength chances. Now, THAT’s the Caps-ocalypse.
  • Mike Knuble was denied a goal early in the second after Matt Hendricks interfered with (read: was pushed into) Marc-Andre Fleury. His nine-game streak of goals against Pittsburgh was in danger until Fleury left the net in the game’s closing minute. That wasn’t an empty-netter, that was justice.

Quotes of the Game:

“They don’t like us. We don’t like them. That’s the way it should be.” – Bruce Boudreau

“I don’t get it…why are they allowed to punch each other with three referees right there?” – Peter’s mom

“It’s the kind of hockey I like to play. It’s fun hockey. It’s emotional hockey. It’s physical.” – Matt freakin’ Bradley

Too many good things happened in this game to list. Brooks Laich led the offense as we knew he would, Jay Beagle (0 even-strength scoring chances against ) and Mathieu Perreault were rabid terriers in the offensive zone, and Karl Alzner countered nearly every attack foisted upon him. The entire team was at or near their best, and when playing against a Pittsburgh team without its two stars, the outcome was never in doubt.

Two Super Bowl Sunday games in two years, both rowdy wins for the good guys. The Caps have again broken that two-goal ceiling that has been looming over them lately, and now they stand poised to play their very best hockey in the toughest month of their schedule. They’re a more cohesive team right now than we’ve seen all season, and that speaks to Boudreau’s leadership and a sense of cooperation on the team. “It is buying in,” Karl Alzner said of the shift in tone. “It is every single guy on the ice doing the same thing.”

Or you could say it like Mike Green: “We are starting to get our mojo back.”

Net crashed. Go Packers.

Additional reporting by Neil Greenberg. Interview coverage by Chris Gordon.

  • We have “interview coverage” now?


  • Dominic

    Dude- amazing article, amazing game, and can’t wait for tuesday. You guys rock as always. My Capitals prayer was answered, we’re back on track.

    ” Number 21, what a good looking man, and jason chimera taking a stand, Nicky B just loving this game, and Game Over Green living up to his name. Ovie won’t you save us, take this pain away- don’t think I can take much more, Make us the team that we used to be, help us remember what your fighting for. ”

    Dom’s Capitals Prayer.

  • Tim

    Amazing game by the Caps. Great all-around effort, by every player. Huge props to Carlson and Hannan for stepping up when Green went down – 27:46 and 24:01 TOI, including over 12 minutes in the 2nd for Carlson and over 10 minutes in the 3rd for Hannan. That Hannan deal is looking better all the time.

  • Dominic

    that hannan deal was great if only for the reason that we got a healthy viable player for a ticking time bomb.

  • No Joe B’s suit of the night?

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    No Joe B. – game was covered by NBC – which, as usual, was accompanied by cringeworthy commentary and “analysis” throughout.

    Fortunately, the game more than made up for the announcers!

  • Great game by the good guys. All we need now
    Is a green bay win and we can watch with wonderment
    All the terrible towels being used as tear wipers.

  • Mia

    “When will Dirty Dave’s reign of terror end?” as soon as Matt Cooke stops handing out roses on the face-offs and giving out hugs to opposing team members every time they come near him.
    You guys just make me laugh and laugh and…
    GO CAPS and you guys too – thanks

  • Peter

    My mom is not happy about being in the recap.

  • bb

    “we are getting our mojo back”
    mojo = marcus johansson
    jk jk jk rowling
    both lame jokes i know

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  • CDizz

    “who showed precious little threat without Evgeni Malkin (knee) and Sidney Crosby (Dave Steckel) among them.”

    “Evgeni Malkin (knee) and Sidney Crosby (Dave Steckel)”

    “Sidney Crosby (Dave Steckel)”

    I cannot put into words how hard I laughed at that.

  • Katie

    The past two games certainly felt like a return to form. I hope the guys feel as good about it as I do and want to keep it up.

    Anybody else surprised Versus let Joe B. go? I’ve always thought he was great, even when he wasn’t doing a Caps game. The man really knows his stuff.

  • Peter Hassett


    I’m very surprised about Joe B. I ran into him at a bar last night, and I get the feeling he’ll be alright. We’ll probably have more to say on it soon, but everyone knows that he’s a national-level talent, and– as sad as it is to say– he could do so much more than a regional market.

  • breaklance

    Hockey justice was that after Hendricks “interfered” with the goalie to deny Knuble’s goal, Hendricks fed Knuble the pass for the ENG. He probably could of carried it in himself, but he gave the goal back to his team mate.

    Sign This Guy.

  • Brad

    I love when the caps play at noon on NBC. Always a good gamr and fun to watch

  • BobbyG

    I have to pause for a moment to catch my collective breath. For perhaps the first time this season, I really feel I can believe in the Caps again. Like most fans, I was frustrated through the awful 8 game losing streak, frustrated at their inconsistency and lack of offensive production. Now, like Katie, I am relieved and much more confident after the last 2 games vs. the Bolts and Pens that they are finally back on track and are
    peaking at just the right time to prepare for the playoffs.

    I wasn’t aware that Versus let Joe B. go, what a shame. He deserves better for all his hard work and dedication to hockey broadcasts on TV. I hope Peter is correct, that Joe will do all right. In the meantime, I will continue to enjoy Joe and Locker on CSN.

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