Caps prospect and cupake-connoisseur Evgeny Kuznetsov won this year’s KHL Breakaway Challenge by using some Ovechkin-esque moves on future NHL HOF goaltender Dominik Hasek. The video of it can be seen above. If I had to pick my own personal favorite breakaway, I’d choose Kuznetsov’s second attempt where he juggled the puck down the ice mid-air with his stick, threw it over Hasek’s head in reaction to The Dominator trying to tackle him, and then skated himself and the puck into the goal. All with only a spotlight on him! Kuzya, who also had a goal and four assists in Team Jagr’s 18-16 victory over Team Yashin, was the youngest player ever to play in the KHL All-Star Game at 18-years old. The future for this young Russian is certainly bright! The only question I have is: will Kuzya’s hot-streak ever end?

Photos from the KHL’s All-Star weekend











  • CDizz

    God, I cannot wait until we get to see him tear it up in red.

  • Ian


    The more and more I see this guy play, the more and more excited I get. I have a feeling he may end up in DC next year. Granted, he still needs to gain some more strength and learn how to forecheck against more physical defenders. But he will definitely be a top 6 guy sooner rather than later in the NHL. His stick-handling, shiftiness and creativity will serve him well.

  • deann

    Love this kid. He’s like Ovechkin Jr.

  • AjaxDesperados

    @ deann
    No. He is more like Semin-Datsyuk combo. GMGM is first-class thief with this pick last summer.

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