RMNB’s Trade Deadline Challenge

RMNB's Trade Deadline Contest

This is what's up for grabs: a Braden Holtby signed puck

Up for grabs: a Braden Holtby signed puck

Update: Let’s announce the winners! (This gets complicated. Bare with us.)

At 11:44am on Twitter, Caps’ senior writer Mike Vogel reported that the Capitals made their first trade of the day at 11:15 am, trading prospect Jake Hauswirth and their 2011 third round draft pick in exchange for puck-moving defenseman Dennis Wideman of the Florida Panthers. Since Vogs is an official member of the Capitals and the @washcaps twitter handle did not announce the trade, we’re going to go with the times Vogel tweeted AND the official time of the deal. Therefore we have two winners to announce.

The first winner for the 11:15 time is Nichole U., who may or may not have her own Monte Carlo Machine. She guessed that GMGM’s first trade would come at 11:12 am. Only three minutes off! Fortunately — or unfortunately depending on how you look at it — she is the significant other of RMNB blogger Neil Greenberg. Therefore, she is disqualified from winning. The next closest time was long-time reader of the blog, Amanda H., who guessed 11:08 am. So Amanda, please email your address to thecrew@russianmachineneverbreaks.com so we can send you your puck.

The second winner – for when Vogel tweeted and announced the trade – is Betsy P., who guessed 11:43 am, only a minute off of his time. Betsy, please email us your address as well and you’ll get a signed puck too.

Thanks to everyone else who participated! That was fun. Let’s do it again next year.

Original Contest Verbiage: With the trade deadline rapidly approaching, we wanted to do a fun, little contest. All you have to do is tell us what time you think the Capitals will make their first trade of the day on our Facebook Fan Page by 10am 10:30 am. Keep in mind that the deadline is today at 3pm, but many trades will be reported after that time. The person who picks the time closest without going over will receive a puck signed by Caps prospect Braden Holtby (shown to the right) and some awesome RMNB schwag. We will use the @WashCaps tweet as the official announcement time. If you pick the same time as someone else, the person who has posted first will be the victor.

Also, to be eligible to win, we are requiring that you like us on our two Facebook accounts: RMNB and our Hershey blog, Sweetest Hockey On Earth. Good luck. May George McPhee bring Caps fans the second-line center they so desperately want.

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  • Kimberly Webster

    First trade of the day: 11:30 am.

  • TATA

    1:13 pm

  • Sassylillyc

    10:35 am

  • Sherry

    hmmm I say 12:25

  • Joanne

    I am guessing 10:12am, worried about who is possibly going:( We love them all.

  • 12:38

  • Neil – RMNB

    “All you have to do is tell us what time you think the Capitals will make their first trade of the day on our Facebook Fan Page by 10am.”


  • scott sites

    trade 230 and varly

  • omar


  • 11:44 AM

  • Avtopilot

    11:35 AM
    MP85, Shultz, Chimera are on my list.
    Arnott to come

  • William Heath

    1:27 pm

  • aleand

    10:38 am

  • Sam

    2:06 babyyyyy!

  • Tim

    1:47pm, but sorry, I refuse to use facebook. 😛

  • Fedor Fedin

    I’m not gonna win, just for interest I’d say 9:10 PM, I mean, 1:10 PM. LAAATE, I know

  • jetjet10

    1:54 pm

  • Abram

    2:09 pm

  • vt caps fan

    11:47am. And the last one will be at 2:38pm

  • Mitch

    Perry#85 / Arnott

  • R Harris


  • capsfaninpa

    1:21 GMGM in no hurry today

  • Kelly


  • Lindsey


  • Ellen


  • 1:11 Pm,

  • 2:37 p.m.

  • Ally


  • Howard

    3:35 PM

  • J.P.

    Facebook? F@#K Facebook! I’m with Tim, I love you guys, but I refuse to “like” you on F@#Kbook 🙂

  • BobbyG

    I’m with Tim and J.P. about Facebook LOL.

    I haven’t checked anywhere else, not even NHL Network to hear what the TSN yakkers have to say. Has anyone won the Holtby puck?

  • J.P.

    Arnott for Steckel?


    Bob McKenzie says that Jason Arnott waived his no-trade clause in order to go the Capitals, but the deal has not yet been confirmed…Sportsnet says the Devils will get David Steckel in return for Arnott…

  • CDizz

    I deserve a puck. Why? No one knows, but I do.