Alex Ovechkin is Back on Twitter!

Alex Ovechkin's photo of Phil Kessel at the All-Star Fantasy Draft

Remember this? Ovi’s All-Star Fantasy Draft photo of Phil Kessel netted over 11,000 hits in two hours.

Yes, the rumors are true! After 25 long months, the Great Eight has decided to start tweeting again. Why? Who cares. Just make sure to give one of the coolest players in hockey a follow here, @ him, and try to hit him up for some free Caps tix like Chad Ochocinco just did. (Someone please help make that happen, ASAP.)

If you’re really, really excited and just absolutely cannot contain yourself, please feel free to abuse our comments section below.

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  • ovie’s tweeting frenzy tonight made me giggle repeatedly.

    i’m all for it.

  • Em

    LOL, ridic. He’s insane.

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  • JusTaGirl

    Just proving again that he is the greatest in hockey and at life!!! Ovi is a WINNER!!!!!!

  • Dawn

    What Rachel and Jenn said. They both said what I was going to say. 🙂

  • Jennifer B.

    You know you’re a big star when both Chad Ocho Cinco and Biz Nasty are hitting you up for favors.

  • Ovie back at the tweet keyboard . Must be a hard knock life being the besttest players in the NHL… wheres that Ovechktrick :):)>