• Megan M.

    Lol at that girl’s reaction when Strachan walks past off the ice. (0:34)

  • WB

    Go Brads! Nice to see him not covered in blood after a fight.

  • Rob R.

    And down goes Tyson, down goes Tyson…..Brads can throwdown when he needs too and it paid off.

  • Colin

    that last one hurt to watch! way to go Brads. Speaking of Brads, BB managed minutes exceptionally well tonight. Brads at a team low 10:14 and Wideman at a team high 22 and change. This was a fun game to watch and the team looked hungry.

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  • Sombrero Guy

    I’d love to know if there was anything behind that fight besides Brads trying to wake the caps and the crowd up.

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  • Rockin’ The Red in VA

    Bradley FTW!