Caps Wear Camo to Honor U.S. Armed Forces

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Before their matchup with the Blues on Thursday, the Washington Capitals took to the ice for warmups wearing digital camouflage jerseys, similar in appearance to the fatigues of the United States Marines and Army. The uniforms — later auctioned off with some proceeds befitting the charity “Our Military Kids” — were worn to honor the U.S. Armed Forces on “Salute to the Military Night”. A U.S. Army quartet preformed The Star Spangled Banner while veterans and current troops were acknowledged throughout game.

Photos from warmups are included after the jump.

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Alex Ovechkin Answers Fan-Submitted Questions For Gillette

Thursday, in conjunction with Gillette and, Alex Ovechkin answered fourteen and a half minutes worth of awesome, fan-submitted questions in Russian. Since Igor felt sorry for all his fellow Caps fans who happen to be “Russian-challenged,” he dedicated his entire evening to translating this video for us.

Past the jump, the Russian Machine talks about his new shaving habits, his driving style and even offers tips on how to steal someone’s girlfriend! Now why would he know anything about that?

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