Caps Wear Camo to Honor U.S. Armed Forces

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Before their matchup with the Blues on Thursday, the Washington Capitals took to the ice for warmups wearing digital camouflage jerseys, similar in appearance to the fatigues of the United States Marines and Army. The uniforms — later auctioned off with some proceeds befitting the charity “Our Military Kids” — were worn to honor the U.S. Armed Forces on “Salute to the Military Night”. A U.S. Army quartet preformed The Star Spangled Banner while veterans and current troops were acknowledged throughout game.

Photos from warmups are included after the jump.

(All photos by Chris Gordon — Click to enlarge.)

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Lethal weapon.

If you’re interested in more shots from warmups, Caps Snaps has you covered.

  • Bob

    I can’t see the photos.

    HAHA – see what I did there?

  • omar

    Love the photos. Thank you to the men and women of our armed forces for your service to this country and the wonderful work that you do.

  • Ian

    x 1,000,000

  • Tattooed Enigma

    Awesome jerseys. I wish the NHL shop website still had them for sale. I wanted to get one for my brother in law who just got back from a tour of duty in Afghanistan.

  • AjaxDesperados