A Sheldon Souray Fight in 100 Pictures

The knock-out blow

Mama, said knock you out!

All photos by Kyle M. of Sweetest Hockey On Earth.

In Hershey’s nail-biting 3-2 victory over the Norfolk Admirals Saturday, Sheldon Souray got in his second fight of the season, choosing Lightning defense prospect Vladimir Mihalik as his combatant. Mihalik, who stands in at a towering 6’8”, was still no match for the 6’4” Souray, a veteran of over 50 NHL fights.

SHOE’s Kyle M. has supplied us with the 100 pictures he took of the fight from the Giant Center’s photo-well. His pictures slow down the thirty-second altercation into a work of art, expertly capturing all the essential elements of a good fight: the grappling, the punches, the emotion, and the knock-out blow. Enjoy!

  • http://www.russianmachineneverbreaks.com Ian

    You would think after Souray’s savage beat-down of Matt Clackson earlier in the year, no one would challenge him. I guess not.

  • Sherry

    He’s so awesome!! You guys can make fun of me all you want but I love the guy!! Ive loved having him in Hershey!!

  • Alex

    Can’t we call up sheldon souray rather than tyler sloan???

  • Joe

    No he is Edmonton Oilers property.

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