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Photo credit: Chris Gordon

Mike Green was back in a Capitals jersey on Friday, though unfortunately for him, he won’t be seeing game action in one for at least a week. Suffering from a concussion after taking a blow to the head from Derek Stepan of the Rangers, Green was placed on long-term injured reserve, holding him out until March 22nd at the earliest. Russian Machine Never Breaks caught up with the 25 year-old Canadian on Friday at the White House. Green had been invited to participate in a street hockey clinic at part of Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign. The First Lady even asked Green how to drop the puck to begin the event. “I told her, ‘Just drop it. Don’t throw it up in the air,’ Green recalled. “She was fine.” He also had a front row seat when the Chicago Blackhawks were honored for their 2010 Stanley Cup championship by President Barack Obama. I assume, however, he would me much happier to be on the other side of that picture next year.

Q: How are you feeling?

“I am getting better. I’ve started skating. So it is just about me getting healthy everyday. When I am ready, I’ll play.”

Q: What’s your view on the increase of head injuries in the game?

“There is always going to be that risk factor. You know it’s unfortunate the way things have gone lately, but you know it’s a part of the game. I mean, no matter what sport you play you are at risk, and we understand that. It’s something that obviously has to be watched and taken care of or taken action when needed.”

Q: Did you feel NHL was right not to suspend Zdeno Chara for his hit of Max Pacioretty?

“It’s their decision. I don’t comment on decisions they make. But you know it’s unfortunate situation for the player from Montreal. I know as a player that you never mean to put somebody out or injure them to that degree. We wouldn’t like to see that ever, but it does happen.”