A Recap of RMNB Party 2: Electric Boogaloo

Horn Guy and Fedor

If there was one photo to sum up the night, this would be it.

On Saturday night, we hosted our second RMNB par-taaaaay at The Front Page in Arlington, Virginia. The event was all for charity, raising an astounding $2,500.08 for the Brian and Emily St. Louis Family Fund. We held a silent auction featuring some lovely pieces of Caps memorabilia and held a raffle for those of you who couldn’t drop the big bucks. As promised, some quasi-famous people showed up including Caps P.A. announcer Wes Johnson, CSN anchor Michael Jenkins, Caps beat reporter for 106.7 The FAN Sky Kerstein, Japers’ Rink blogger J.P., Mike Vogel of the Capitals, Brian Murphy of Hail! Magazine and Homer McFanboy, the Washington Post’s Dan Steinberg plus super-fans Goat and The Horn Guy! Teen heartthrob Fedor Fedin was also there, though he didn’t seem to move much. All things considered, it was a pretty awesome night. But hey, you already knew that! If you want to relive the party (or for some reason need convincing on why you should come to our next one which is tentatively titled RMNB Party 3: Let’s All Drink Out Of This Big Silver Cup Thingee) check out the pictures from the night below!

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