A Recap of RMNB Party 2: Electric Boogaloo

Horn Guy and Fedor

If there was one photo to sum up the night, this would be it.

On Saturday night, we hosted our second RMNB par-taaaaay at The Front Page in Arlington, Virginia. The event was all for charity, raising an astounding $2,500.08 for the Brian and Emily St. Louis Family Fund. We held a silent auction featuring some lovely pieces of Caps memorabilia and held a raffle for those of you who couldn’t drop the big bucks. As promised, some quasi-famous people showed up including Caps P.A. announcer Wes Johnson, CSN anchor Michael Jenkins, Caps beat reporter for 106.7 The FAN Sky Kerstein, Japers’ Rink blogger J.P., Mike Vogel of the Capitals, Brian Murphy of Hail! Magazine and Homer McFanboy, the Washington Post’s Dan Steinberg plus super-fans Goat and The Horn Guy! Teen heartthrob Fedor Fedin was also there, though he didn’t seem to move much. All things considered, it was a pretty awesome night. But hey, you already knew that! If you want to relive the party (or for some reason need convincing on why you should come to our next one which is tentatively titled RMNB Party 3: Let’s All Drink Out Of This Big Silver Cup Thingee) check out the pictures from the night below!


Hands down, the most valued item on this table was the signed puck from Nate Ewell. And yes, the hugs were for free. You’ll see.

The Crowd

So many people!


So yeah, the rumors were true: Marcus Johansson did show up… but with the intention of having a peaceful dinner with his family. Instead, when he arrived, Front Page was jammed pack with hundreds of people in Caps jerseys. Poor guy. Mojo was a great sport and even posed for this photo. Props are also extended to all our party-goers for actually leaving him alone during dinner. Family time does not equal sign autographs time. And you guys showed mad respect. Really, it’s no shock that the very next day he had the game-winning assist in overtime. Whatta guy!


Above Goat and Horn Guy enjoy a drink or three in the back bar. The horn later failed a breathalyzer test.


Kim is hiding her face in shame here because she didn’t bring Peanut, RMNB’s cutest reader, to the party. FOR SHAME, KIM!


Toni, an active member of the Caps Fan Club, hangs out around the Silent Auction table. She graciously donated a signed Alex Ovechkin Winter Classic puck, which was part of a package that made $291 for the STL Fund!  Someone please get her something even cooler to replace it with ASAP.


Laura, in a KHL Dmitry Orlov jersey, and Mike, in a KHL Semyon Varlamov jersey, pose for a photo. Yes, they were the people responsible for my party ensemble: an Evgeny Kuznetsov Traktor jersey. I probably shouldn’t have just blown their cover. Dang it!


The three jerseys up for grabs in the silent auction. In the corner is the signed Kolzig puck.


Sweetest Hockey On Earth lead writer Kathryn Hedrick (bottom right) poses with her lovely friends.


Chris and myself with two of our blogging idols: J.P. and Dan.


Gregg Mace, the lead sports anchor for ABC27 in Harrisburg, and Michael Gordon, a writer for The New York Times, have intelligent conversation. Meanwhile, Kyle looks at them bewildered.


Victoria was incredibly gracious and donated one of her bottles of Winter Classic Wine. Rachel also brilliantly inked that Russian Machine illustration.#Teamwork


HAI Lindsey!




Amanda hangs out in the atrium.


Fedor asked Kyle if he would shoot some pucks. Kyle happily obliged.


No surprise, Fedor’s the life of the party.


Anything I say here will be NSFW.


Angie, AKA @LadyHatTrick, rocking out during hockeyoke.


Honestly, the Alan Maydens shirt is incredible. Thank you for donating it for a good cause, Manda!


The joy in his face!


Michael Jenkins poses for a photo with Wes.


Capitals Capman and Wes flex for the camera.


BAM! Hug #1.


Hug #2’s a bit more sensual.


Nick Blackstrom in the house.




Group shot of some of my favorite people!


Hockey Night in Canada was on so we could make fun of Don Cherry’s horrendous St. Patrick’s Day themed suit and tie.


Jack Anderson and Adam Vingan of Kings of Leonsis.


Ohh, Holly.


RMNB group shot!

“Must-Watch” Videos

Ben Sumner of Capitals Outsider captures Wes Johnson announcing all of the raffle winners. The jokes are SO hilarious.

Floor hockey! What a great touch with the organ music!

The story behind this video is as Sam was leaving, I asked him if he would go out to the atrium and blow his horn as loud as he could to see how long it would echo. The atrium area goes up about 10 floors and is only about 100 feet wide. Above is the result.

A Special Thanks to the St. Louis Family


Thank you to Brian St. Louis’s sister, Lisa, and her awesome husband Justin for coming out and having a good time with us. Hopefully, the money we made for Emily will pay for Brayden’s diapers for at least a month or two! 🙂

A Special Thanks to our Awesome Photographers


Liz Elkind. Check out all her photos from the night here. >>


Greta Arnold. Check out all her photos from the night here. >>

Additional reporting by Chris Gordon.

  • Noah

    Aww man, I’ve wanted one of those Traktor jerseys for months now… I must know where to get one.

  • Liz

    I believe you mean Don Cherry’s horrendously awesome St. Patrick’s Day themed suit and tie.

  • Ian

    @Liz – If the neon green tie was sans the beer pitchers, I *might* agree with you. haha

  • greta

    the beer pitchers were the best part!

  • Don Cherry…the Lucky Charm that jumped the box. Looks like a great party.

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