Last week, Soviet Sport correspondent Alexei Mikushin caught up with Evgeny Kuzetsov and his lovely fiancee Nastia. The young couple, who was spotted in what looks to be a parking lot, commented on the state of their relationship and upcoming wedding.

If you’ll pardon our blatant rumor mongering, Evgeny Kuznetsov’s wedding is very much worth talking about. By June 3rd, Kuznetsov will only be 19-years old. While this may seem a little ‘Old World’ — the two are tying the knot after dating for just five months — there are no reports suggesting that a prenuptial agreement includes Nastia’s prospective price in goats and fine linens. Dowry jokes aside, this expedited courtship could have practical ramifications stateside.

Given his recent ambivalence in interviews about playing in the NHL after, at least another season with Traktor, the early wedding could indicate the couple plans to move to Washington as early as the 2012-13 season. Leagally, a pre-departure wedding would insure a much smoother transition should Nastia want to accompany Kuzetsov to the states. And taking into account the comparisons other Russian Caps have made between Russian and American women, maybe Kuzya’s just planning ahead.

Below the jump, RMNB’s Igor Kleyner has translated the entire article and video.

The wedding is scheduled for June 3. Meanwhile, Nastia is deciding how to furnish an apartment. She said that everything was simple, cozy and comfortable.

Alexei Mikushin – When did you meet each other?
Nastia – Last summer we started… but we have noticed each other before that.
Evgeny – It was awhile ago. We kind of started looking at each other…

AM – So, how long have you been together?
E – Well, we have been seeing each other for…
N – Seeing each other for five months. We have lived together for four months.

AM – Have you set the wedding date yet?
E – June 3rd.

AM – And have you decided on your honeymoon?
N – We haven’t decided yet.
E – There are various options. Still thinking.

AM – What about the style for decorating your new apartment?
E – I don’t know… I think the simpler the better.
N – So everything would be cozy and comfortable.

AM – So who is going to be the designer?
E – The one to the right of me.

AM – And when is the housewarming party?
E – As soon as we finish everything.

Additional reporting by Ian Oland and Meredith Jones.

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